Study to Explore Parents' Perceptions of Mobile Learning

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Thursday, October 4, 2012

As students head back to school, more of them than ever before will be using mobile devices in the classroom and at home for educational purposes.  This fall, leading industry research firm Grunwald Associates LLC will conduct a research study to examine student uses, parent perceptions and family requirements for mobile learning platforms.

The study will be conducted with support from AT&T and in collaboration with the Learning First Alliance, a major national education organization.

Notably, the study will examine parents' perceptions of how both K–12 students and preschoolers might be using mobile devices and applications as tools for learning even before they enter formal schooling.  This unique aspect of the study is expected to provide key insights on tomorrow's mobile learners—and complement in-depth analysis of older children and teens also featured in the study.

This study is particularly timely now, as school districts increasingly turn to mobile technology to engage students and increase cost-effective learning, using school-provided devices, Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) or shared-cost models.  Among other topics, this rigorous, nationally representative study will gauge:

  • Student use of mobile platforms for learning and other purposes
  • Parents' willingness to buy their children mobile devices and applications intended for educational purposes
  • Parents' attitudes about mobile learning at home and in school
  • Parents' perceptions about the benefits and challenges of mobile learning practices and policies

"Mobile technology is changing daily life for children of all ages," says Peter Grunwald, founder and president of Grunwald Associates LLC.  "And mobile learning platforms have the potential to engage parents as partners in learning, particularly when BYOD initiatives expect parents to share the costs and responsibilities for their children's use of mobile devices for learning and school-related activities.  Few rigorous studies have explored the fast-changing environment of mobile platforms from the parents' perspective." 

"Grunwald Associates has an unsurpassed reputation for market research into technology trends at every education level," says Cheryl S. Williams, Executive Director of the Learning First Alliance.   "The findings from this study will be invaluable in informing policymakers, school and district leaders, education technology professionals and industry leaders as they move forward with mobile learning plans."

A public report of the findings is planned for the first quarter of 2013. In addition, a detailed market research package will be available commercially.

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