Study reveals 9 out of 10 people prefer images from 3LCD projectors over 1-chip DLP

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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

3LCD, the world's leading projection technology, today announced the outcome of a quantitative preference study, conducted by Radius Global Market Research, a leading worldwide market research firm. The results show that nine out of 10 people prefer images from 3LCD projectors, which deliver up to three times higher Color Brightness than comparable 1-Chip DLP models .

The preference study included side-by-side comparisons of 3LCD and 1-chip DLP projectors with similar resolution and white brightness specifications. Participants viewed a series of side-by-side images and responded with their preference. Nine out of 10 respondents preferred the image from a 3LCD projector over 1-chip DLP, and of those, 87 percent strongly preferred 3LCD images.

The testing further supports the results of a 2012 quantitative projector Color Brightness study , conducted by TFCinfo, where 89 percent of buyers said image quality was the most important factor and 99 percent said color was an important aspect of image quality.

“The results from these preference studies are overwhelming,” said Tim Anderson, Senior Product Marketing Manager, 3LCD. “When it comes to projector preferences, image quality is number one, and images from 3LCD projectors are preferred by 9 people out of 10. 3LCD uses three chips in every projector to deliver up to three times higher Color Brightness. Before making a purchase decision, projector buyers should carefully compare the Color Brightness of competing projectors.”

Color Brightness can be a major differentiator among projectors, as evidenced by the outcome of both the Radius Global Market Research and TFCinfo study. In 2012, the International Display Metrology Standard (IDMS) was published by the International Committee for Display Metrology (ICDM). A definitive standard in the industry and first of its kind document with a reference guide to key specifications and measurement methodologies for displays, the IDMS includes a specification for Color Light Output, also known as Color Brightness.

Color Brightness, measured in lumens, provides manufacturers with a specification complimentary to White Light Output, also measured in lumens. Previously, Color Brightness was not included on traditional projector specification sheets; buyers had to rely on White Brightness levels alone to evaluate a projector’s brightness. Brightness information is often misinterpreted by end users, as many buyers think color is already part of the traditional lumens specification. Buyers will now have access to additional information on projector performance, and will be able to evaluate both the White Brightness and Color Brightness of a projector.

Details on the International Display Measurement Standard and the methodology provided in the color performance specification are available, free of charge at, or on the SID website,

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