Superintendent Heath Morrison Presents Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools Entry Plan

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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Saying his first mission will be to counter “perceived deafness and distrust” of Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools leadership, incoming Superintendent Heath Morrison Friday rolled out an entry plan that includes town hall meetings and school visits, along with a push to get digital technology into schools.

He vowed that all voices will be heard, and even those who disagree with decisions will understand why they were made. He said his “moral filter” for all decisions will be: “Is it good for teaching, learning and kids?”

The entry plan calls for Morrison to spend his first three months on the job studying CMS data, building an executive team and meeting with the public to understand what people want from public schools.

After about 90 days on the job – Morrison starts July 1 – he expects to announce an action plan.

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