Superintendents Discuss Jindal Education Reform Plan

Marion Herbert's picture
Friday, January 20, 2012

Superintendents representing school districts from across the state met in Jennings to exchange thoughts on Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal’s education plan and to prepare for a bigger meeting in February.

Among those superintendents were Ouachita Superintendent Bob Webber and West Carroll Superintendent Kent Davis.

While each described the meeting as productive, both expressed concerns with the lack of concrete details in the governor’s plan for changes in education. Davis called the proposals vague and idealistic.

“It’s easy to state philosophical policies that sound good, but when it gets to putting in the details, it becomes more difficult,” Davis said. “I know there are a lot of legal implications, a lot of legislation that would have to take place to change the laws that we operate under now.” 

The discussion included the governor’s plan to provide students from poverty attending schools receiving C, D or F in the state’s accountability system with vouchers to attend private school. When the plan was announced Tuesday, there was no identifiedfunding source.

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