TabPilot releases update with focus on shared-use tablet implementations

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Today TabPilot Learning Systems released Tablet Manager 4.0, expanding the feature set that allows for classroom control, monitoring, and management of tablets in shared-use environments.

“There has been a lot of focus on one-to-one tablet programs, yet many schools are choosing to use tablets in shared-use settings such as mobile labs or classroom sets,” said Jarrett Volzer, founder and president of TabPilot. “Shared-use settings can present a unique challenge because tablets were primarily designed to be used as personal devices not multi-user devices. While the industry has largely ignored the shared-use implementation scenario, TabPilot has made it a priority to make it function smoothly for both IT staff and teachers. These priorities are evident in TabPilot 4.0, which easily manages one-to-one, shared-use, and mixed environments.”

Among the features in the new release of TabPilot is the introduction of configuration profiles, which are sets of pre-configured apps, web-links, and other preferences that can be applied by teachers or administrators to groups of tablets. Teachers can create multiple profiles and apply them for use by different classes or at different times of day, such as before school, or at-home and weekend use. TabPilot 4.0 includes the framework to allow profiles to be automatically applied on a schedule and the company plans to release a minor update in the coming weeks to implement this capability, further expanding the usefulness of profiles.

Other new features of TabPilot 4.0 include fast profile activation directly from the main menu, a “favorites” feature for apps, new permissions settings, and an updated menu interface for easier navigation.

About TabPilot

TabPilot Tablet Manager is a cloud-based management system that puts teachers in control of classroom tablets. Tablets are locked down so that students see only teacher-enabled apps and web links. Features include a secure browser, app and content distribution, and classroom management functions such as screen freeze and screen monitoring. TabPilot also carries the Breea brand of tablets. Schools can request a demo tablet and a trial version of TabPilot Tablet Manager at or