Tacoma (Wash.) schools may lay off technical ed teachers

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Teachers in Tacoma Public Schools could be facing the first layoffs from their ranks in many years.

The cuts, if they happen, will target only career and technical education (CTE) teachers, and likely no more than 10 of them. But that’s nearly 10 percent of the 108-person CTE teaching staff employed by Tacoma schools.

Two factors are driving the potential action, authorized by the Tacoma School Board on Thursday.

One is the threat of state cuts in funding for CTE programs, which include hands-on courses ranging from auto shop and metal working to business marketing and computer classes. The budget put forward by the state Senate would cut $72 million from CTE education; the House version does not. The Legislature is due to reconvene Monday to hammer out a compromise budget.

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