Tax Credit Touted as Aid for Pa.'s Failing Schools

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

A Pennsylvania state lawmaker whose proposal for a voucher-like tax credit that is designed to help students leave the state's worst schools said Monday that those schools would benefit, too.

Rep. Jim Christiana told House Education Committee members that, unlike conventional vouchers, his plan would be financed by businesses that contribute toward scholarships that help youngsters in the schools with the lowest academic performance to transfer to private schools or better public schools.

Tax money allotted for the students' education would not travel with the students to their new schools. Rather, tax money allotted for the students' education would remain at their former schools, increasing per-pupil spending and helping to reduce class sizes there, Christiana said.

"This will not take a single dime out of the operating budgets of school districts" or the state education budget, the Beaver County Republican said.

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