Teacher Debate Topics at NBC's Education Nation Summit

Monday, September 26, 2011

NBC's Education Nation Summit kicked-off with a Teacher Town Hall Meeting at Rockfeller Plaza and immediately sparked debate.

Host Brian Williams released the results of a survey: Teachers believe only 63% of students leave high school prepared for college. The reasons for the given included a lack of academic preparation, a lack of student motivation and a lack of encouragement. The statement generated more than 1900 comments on Facebook, Twitter and EducationNation.com within the first few minutes of the meeting.

The two hours generated discussions on everything from innovations and technology in classrooms to teacher tenure and salaries.

"We asked the teachers in this room whether higher salaries were important to retain good teachers," said NBC New Anchor Brian Williams, host of the Teacher Town Hall meeting. "Among the teachers in this room, 74% Yes (votes), 26 No (votes). Nationally 75% of teachers agree, but what's interesting is there are 10 other reasons that rank higher in the national survey."

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