Teachers, Lawmakers Discuss Ways to Preserve Ind. Public Schools

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Monday, February 25, 2013

Community members and leaders spent part of Saturday discussing ways to preserve the public school system. Public school supporters say they're afraid public schools are disappearing and could one day be placed into the private sector.

Saturday's meeting, held at the Plymouth Congregational Church, wasn't just for Indiana educators and lawmakers to discuss ways to show public schools work, people from other states got involved too.

"We've never had a regional meeting where we bring people together across state lines to collectively build a model to spread across the country," said Maureen Reedy, one of the founders of Public Schools Across America.

Saturday's meeting included parents, teachers and education administrators from Ohio, Michigan and Illinois. It was set up because parents and school leaders are tired of losing taxpayer dollars to charter schools.  It's an issue that people have seen in states across the country.

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