Teachers to Vote on 'Confidence' in L.A. Schools Supt. Deasy

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

The result will have no direct effect on Deasy’s employment but could provide a temperature check on how well his policies are received by the rank and file.

Deasy has pushed through a new system that will, where possible, base 30% of a teacher’s performance evaluation on student standardized test scores and other measures of achievement. Teachers recently approved a framework that included using test scores, but did so under pressure from a court ruling that mandated such a system.

The union, United Teachers Los Angeles, has been at odds with Deasy over various issues, such as his efforts to base layoffs on a merit system rather than seniority. Deasy also has moved quickly to remove and fire teachers suspected of serious misconduct -- and is seeking authority from the state to move faster still.

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