Teaching with tech isn't if, but how

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

The focus on technology in our K-12 classrooms has never been greater and the level of scrutiny has, justifiably, never been higher. The ineffective use of technology seems to make the headlines just as much as the effective use of computers, online learning, digital content, and other means of providing instruction outside of face-to-face teaching.

The Enquirer’s recent article on gaming (“Teaching with games: Winning play or risk?” Feb. 25) is a case in point. The news story went a long way toward examining the obvious benefits of students learning through gaming, and it also provided the caution that this technology, even when done right, is not the panacea for every education need and does not replace the benefits of a one-to-one connection with a teacher.

We could not agree more. It is not whether technology should aid teaching and learning, it is how and under what circumstances it should be integrated as part of a larger instructional plan.

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