Teachley launches second educational math app for iPad

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Teachley, a New York-based edtech company founded by teachers and experts in cognition and learning has launched its second educational iPad app. Mt Multiplis teaches complex multiplication strategies to 3rd-5th grade students through a playful, visually-rich game and is available worldwide free for iPad.

Mt. Multiplis offers a fresh take on teaching multiplication from flashcard-based, drill and kill apps. Drawing upon comprehensive cognitive science research, Mt. Multiplis focuses on the distributive property, content now required in the third grade Common Core standards. “I struggled with teaching the distributive property using the lessons dictated from the textbooks,” said Yvette Barrios, a third grade teacher. “My students would have learned so much more if they had played around with the concept using the Mt. Multiplis manipulatives. I also appreciate how the game helps students synthesize their learning across representations by combining the area model and the number line,” says Barrios.

The app teaches the distributive property in an approachable and fun way, making it accessible to nine-year-olds and easier for elementary teachers to explain. “I remember learning the distributive property in junior high school, 5(x + y) = 5x + 5y” said Kara Carpenter, Co-Founder of Teachley. “With Mt. Multiplis, students can think strategically, seeing how 7 x 5 is the same as 5 groups of 5 plus 2 more groups of 5.”

Mt. Multiplis will sync with Teachley’s Learning Analytics Platform, available to schools for fall 2014, which extracts rich information from students’ gameplay to give teachers insight about how to group students and what lessons to teach next. Currently, over 70 teachers from 35 schools across the country are receiving reports on student performance from Teachley’s first app, Addimal Adventure.

Mt. Multiplis was developed by Teachley, an edtech company founded by former teachers with PhDs in Cognition and Learning. Teachley was one of 6 companies out of hundreds of applicants to receive two back-to-back prestigious Small Business Innovation Research grants, totaling $1.05M from the U.S. Department of Education. Teachley was the runner up in NBC’s Education Nation Innovation Challenge 2013. Teachley’s first app, Addimal Adventure, earned the Editor’s Choice award from Children’s Technology Review and was featured by Apple as one of the best new educational apps. Teachley’s next app, focused on subtraction, is currently in development. http://teachley.com/