Technology equalizes education and career prospects

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Competition used to be about who had the most of something -- the most money, the biggest army, the most academic degrees. But, as technology has become a bigger part of our world and everything we do, it's more about not what we have -- or how much we have of it -- but rather how we use it. In this way, technology has become an equalizer in a variety of situations, from making smaller nations more of a threat to traditional world powers to making students from smaller colleges and universities equally qualified for careers as their counterparts from the Ivy League.

Now that students have the answer to everything they could ever want to know in the palm of their hands, at the swipe of the finger or at the click of a mouse, it is becoming less important every day what they know. Traditionally, education at every level, especially college, was about packing as much knowledge into students' brains as possible, memorizing facts, dates, processes and more. Today, it is more important to teach students not what they should know, but how to effectively use the technology and resources at hand to solve real world problems.

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