Technology meets literacy at Illinois district's transliteracy conference

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

More than 300 teachers and administrators from Crystal Lake Elementary District 47 and surrounding schools turned out for the district's first annual Transliteracy conference last week.

The two-day conference, held August 13-14, was aimed at arming teachers, staff and administrators with knowledge on how to integrate technology and literacy in the classroom, an increasingly popular concept known as "transliteracy" in education.

Transliteracy may be defined as the ability to read, write and communicate across a range of platforms, tools and media. While it can be thought of as the intersection between technology and literacy, it involves strategies that improve any classroom setting and applies to all content areas. According to District 47's technology "iCoach" and event co-organizer Corey Holmer, "Technology is an instructional tool and should be taught in conjunction with content. That's why we linked it with the literacy model using educational technologies to deliver content and increase student achievement through solid literacy instruction."

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