Texas Education Commissioner to Resign

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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Texas Education Commissioner Robert Scott will resign in July after five years on the front lines of the state's public education battles, the agency announced Tuesday.

Appointed by Gov. Rick Perry in 2007, Scott has overseen a tumultuous period in which the agency has had deep budget cuts, implemented a controversial accountability system and sparred with the U.S. Department of Education over the federal government's role in Texas schools.

Scott has been a loyal foot soldier to Perry, beginning as an education adviser to the governor in 2001. He served a short stint as interim commissioner in 2003 and then returned to the top job four years later.

Perry said Tuesday that Scott's "experience and dedication have left a lasting imprint on our state's education system and countless Texas children, ensuring a top-notch education for our students and their preparation for success in and out of school."

Scott became the face of a national fight that Perry picked with the Obama administration over the federal role in education. Perry refused to apply for a $4 billion grant competition because state leaders said it would lead to a federal takeover of Texas schools.

"This grant application is essentially a Trojan horse designed for us to take the money and then hand over our control," Scott said at a news conference in 2010.

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