Texthelp introduces Highlighting Tools free Google add-on

Monday, March 17, 2014

As part of Google’s new Add-On area for Google Docs and Sheets, announced yesterday, Texthelp has introduced its Highlighting Tools free add-on, designed to enable educators in schools and universities to help their students identify and group key facts together, collect words to learn, and undertake further research. Texthelp’s Highlighting Tools are great for almost any content and all grade levels and can be accessed here or via the main menu in Google Docs by clicking on “Get add-ons”.

Students can use the tool to simply collect notes or research a certain topic by highlighting text in a page which will then automatically be extracted into a new document. Students can also highlight unknown words which can then be shared with their educator, or used with other Google tools to find definitions and learn about later.

Mark McCusker, CEO of Texthelp said, “Texthelp is delighted to have been chosen as one of the few education apps in the Google Add-On store. Our Google solutions have been visited by over 2.5M students and teachers worldwide since its launch in August 2013, and we are proud of the positive difference we are making to school and university life.” Educators can either try Texthelp’s Highlighting Tools in the Add-On section of Google Docs or try our more comprehensive set of study and learning support tools in Read&Write for Google, available as a free trial from the Chrome store. Availability

Texthelp’s Highlighting Tools are available now on the Google Add-On Store. For more information, call Texthelp at 888-248-0652, email u.s.info@texthelp.com, or go to www.texthelp.com.

About Texthelp Inc.

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