There are many reasons why education isn’t working

Lauren Williams's picture
Thursday, December 19, 2013

Our education system is in turmoil, and I believe there are various reasons for this. One, the new Common Core standards and their rollout has been a disaster.

Using tests scores to evaluate teachers is at best an attempt to make all those who think teaching is easy feel better. Kids are different from year to year, and trying to compare last year’s class to the current one is invalid because the product, the kids, are not the same. 

A widget is the same from year to year and can be compared to a set of values that can be measured objectively. Kids have to be evaluated year to year and even day to day as their lives are in constant flux.

This simple fact makes comparing last year’s test scores to this year’s scores an example of futility. Granted, we need a way of evaluating teachers, but this is best done by personal observations by their administrators and peers.

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