Three of Four NYC Students Not Prepared for College, City Says

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Three quarters of New York City students who were high school freshmen in 2006 did not leave high school prepared for college, new data from the city Education Department shows.

Still, of the students in that cohort, about 46 percent had enrolled in a two or four-year college by late 2010. Officials and observers have long been lamenting that many New York City students who graduate from high school are not ready for college, but on Monday the city officially tallied for itself how many fit this description. Its metrics are based on students’ Regents exam scores, as well as their performance on the SAT. For some schools — particularly those with high graduation rates and low college-readiness marks — the data is likely to raise questions about the quality of the education they provide.

The percentage of city schools that received A’s and B’s on their progress reports this year dropped to 64 percent from 68 percent last year, a change city officials attributed to toughened graduation requirements.

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