Tuba Thieves Swarm Calif. Schools

Monday, February 13, 2012

High schools across Southern California are being raided by thieves searching for a very specific and peculiar item—a tuba. Just last weekend Bell High School lost two King brass sousaphones, each valued at $6,000, the Los Angeles Times reports.

Band director Ligia Chaves-Rasas said that thieves got past “the best doors in the district” and cut the locks on the metal lockers. They eventually broke into Chaves-Rasas’ office, where the sousaphones and uniforms are stored.

Brass sousaphones—smaller tubas that are used in marching bnads—have been stolen all over campuses in Southern California over the last few months. Why would thieves be more interested in a musical instrument rather than computers and other high-end electronic equipment?

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