Tutoring Company Looking to Expand Staff By Recruiting 99 Out-of-Work Los Angeles Teachers

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Tuesday, October 30, 2012
With financial hardship continuing to hit businesses hard, countless people are feeling hopeless that any company will be offering job opportunities but Varsity Tutors is.

The fast-growing company is seeking more than 99 additional tutors in the greater Los Angeles area, expecting to add them within the next two to five months. While the company provides tutors for numerous subjects, including standardized tests as well as K-12, undergraduate, and graduate courses, the majority of demand lies in Algebra, Chemistry, and MCAT tutoring.
CEO Chuck Cohn believes these tutoring openings could be a great chance for Los Angeles teachers who have recently been laid off during the recession. Being a tutor allows them to return to the education industry and work again.
"When we saw that school districts were downsizing their teaching staff, we knew we could offer many of the laid off teachers meaningful tutoring opportunities," Cohn says. "We knew we could match these experienced teachers to students looking for academic help. So far, these teachers have transitioned quite well to one-on-one tutoring."
Ever since its founding five years ago, Varsity Tutors has rapidly expanded to become one of the premier tutoring services in the nation. With more than 1,300 tutors and 60 employees, the company now offers tutoring in 14 of the largest markets across the nation, including Los Angeles. As the demand for tutoring is rapidly growing, Varsity Tutors faces an urgent need for additional tutors especially in the Los Angeles area.
In addition to the large number of people attending graduate school in the midst of the economic crisis, college admissions continue to be more selective as well. Together, these factors have created a notable increase in requests for subject tutoring and test prep, making a further addition of credentialed tutors a crucial necessity.
Varsity Tutors has considerably high standards for their tutors, only approving tutor applicants who can demonstrate that they are both knowledgeable in their fields and can teach logically. The company has turned down applicants with perfect test scores because they were not able to clearly communicate concepts.
"We have established some of the industry's most rigorous standards for our tutors in terms of both hard and soft skills," says Cohn. "It's one thing to be 'book smart', and another to also have the ability to communicate well. In order to be a great tutor, you have to be a great communicator."
The company takes in tutors from a variety of academic backgrounds and expertise. Specifically, Varsity Tutors is searching for those who demonstrate both academic knowledge and strong teaching skills. Tutors have the freedom to specialize in the area of their choosing this includes test prep (SAT, ACT, GMAT, GRE, LSAT, MCAT) and popular academic courses that include mathematics, sciences, and foreign languages. Demand appears to be growing the fastest in the test prep area.
Anyone interested in becoming a Los Angeles Varsity Tutor should visit the company's online tutoring job application.

About Varsity Tutors:
Varsity Tutors is a national tutoring company with origins in the entrepreneurship program of Washington University in St. Louis. CEO Chuck Cohn launched the company while an undergraduate at Washington University in St. Louis and then later operated the company while working as a venture capitalist at Ascension Health Ventures. The company hopes to add 800 more tutoring positions this coming school year.