Two City Charter Schools Offer New Options

Lauren Williams's picture
Wednesday, August 22, 2012

At the new Rochester Career Mentoring Charter School, college comes early.

“We start our high school the right way — with the outcome,” said Dennis Francione, the school’s founder. “They’re going to college.”

So on Monday, most of the 88 students who signed up for one of the city’s newest charter schools flocked to the Rochester Institute of Technology for their first day of class. The school is one of two new charter schools opening in the city this year, continuing a growth that has been going on since the state lifted the cap on how many charter schools can open in New York. The other is Young Women’s College Prep, which bills itself as the first public school in Rochester exclusively for young women. It opens Monday.

Charter schools receive public dollars, but are run by independent boards that operate outside the authority of local school boards. Several years ago, the state more than doubled the number of charter schools it allows to operate in New York, opening the gates for educators to try their hand at running a school program.

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