Two New York High Schools Collaborate on Summer Coding Program

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

The Flatiron School, launched last year, has established itself as a coding mecca for professionals with no development experience hoping to break into the tech world and fill some of those empty coding gigs.

With a 10 percent acceptance rate, Flatiron has been pretty successful in placing applicants in jobs:  Last September, 100 percent of graduates scored fulltime developer gigs at places like Conde Nast, Universal and Contently, according to Adam Enbar, the school’s cofounder.

Now, Flatiron is teaming up with Skillcrush, a New York-based digital literacy startup, to offer a two-week intensive program for high school students hoping to hone their developer chops. “The longterm goal will be to create a more sustainable after school program so that rather than kids doing ballet or karate or learning violin we can add coding to that mix,” Mr. Enbar told Betabeat by phone. “We want to create a real ongoing program to help kids learn how to code.”

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