Ullman in Maryland Reverses Field, Gives School Board Option on Turf Funding

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Backing down from a previous ultimatum, County Executive Ken Ulman has proposed an alternative option for funding artificial turf fields at county high schools. But the school board has yet to weigh in on either option โ€” or even if they want turf fields at all.

For nearly a year now, Ulman and his staff have been working with school system staff on a proposal to convert grass stadiums at the 12 county high schools to turf fields, which would be shared between school teams and community recreation teams. Both staffs had agreed that using half of the $4 million slated to come to the county from increased state alcohol tax revenues would be a good way to start the conversions.

Last month, the school board โ€” learning of the plan for using the state money for turf fields after the state Board of Public Works had already approved it โ€” deferred a decision on allowing the projects to move forward.

At the time, Ulman warned that if the board didn't use the alcohol tax funds for turf fields, "there would be absolutely no county money coming for fields."

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