Undercurrent Educational Information Systems and Estrellita announce partnership

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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Undercurrent Educational Information Systems, Inc. (UEIS), a leading provider of learning analytics tools and web-based professional resources for educators and district leaders and Estrellita, provider of the nation's most comprehensive bilingual education curriculum, today announced the launch of a strategic partnership.  The companies, which represent two of the most innovative brands in the educational services industry, will collaborate to deliver a unique curriculum bundle to schools across the country.  Inclusive in the bundle will be Estrellita's bilingual education curriculum and UEIS' web-based information management system, Workshop, which will deliver student performance reporting and analysis for Estrellita's customers. 

"We are excited to work with Estrellita, one of the foremost commercial publishers of dual language literacy curriculum," said Dr. Sylvester Harris, chief executive officer of UEIS. "Our partnership is further validation that Workshop, and its full range of web-based resources, is emerging as the professional tool of choice for educators and educational institutions."

Specializing in dual language literacy, Estrellita's complementary curriculum will continue to target Pre-K and K-1 students while offering a wide range of professional development resources for teachers.  Utilizing Workshop, which is emerging as a "must-have" resource for many within the education community, UEIS will deliver student performance data and progress monitoring support.

"The full slate of offerings featured in the bundle presents a win-win for both companies.  More importantly, our alliance with UEIS benefits our customers who will be afforded increased visibility and transparency in measuring student growth, differentiating instruction and making timely instructional decisions," stated Karen Myer, M.A., Estrellita's founder and president.

Estrellita and UEIS are scheduled to pilot the curriculum bundle in targeted school districts throughout the United States, including California and Texas. 

For more information on Estrellita and its Bilingual Education programs and services visit http://www.estrellita.com.  For more information on Undercurrent Educational Information Systems, log onto http://www.ueisworkshop.com.

Estrellita is a complementary, accelerated, beginning Spanish reading program for Pre-K through 1st grade students in Bilingual and Dual Language classrooms. Based on scientific learning and reading principles, Estrellita provides multisensory, in depth instruction in phonemic awareness, phonics and fluency. For over 20 years, and in over 2500 schools nationwide, Estrellita has been utilized in Pre-K, Kindergarten, and 1st grade classrooms successfully. For more information, visit estrellita.com.

Undercurrent Educational Information Systems (UEIS) is the leading developer of web-based professional resources and learning analytics tools for educators. UEIS' latest offering, Workshop, features an extensive range of professional resources designed to support educators in implementing the Common Core and English Language Development requirements.  Workshop also offers an extensive array of data analytics resources, employee performance metrics and student behavior management tools. For more information, visit ueisworkshop.com.