Upper Dublin School District Food Service Goes Healthy, Loses Money

Lauren Williams's picture
Friday, September 14, 2012

A detailed presentation on how the Upper Dublin School District Food Service is faring in its attempt to serve more healthy foods dominated the school board’s Sept. 10 meeting.

In August 2011, the board approved new wellness regulations and in December of last year passed administrative guidelines aimed at adding nutritional choices to the school menus and eliminating ingredients on a 15-item “avoid list” such as trans fats, sodium and artificial coloring. A Nutrition Advisory Committee was set up to help accomplish the task, with four citizen members appointed by the board Monday night.

Last year, changes to the menu were made in preparation of the federal Healthy Hunger-Free Kids Act, which resulted in limiting menu choices and introducing a number of activities to teach the children in the district schools about proper nutrition. The food service even launched a Wikispace page on the offerings and nutrition and has started a Facebook page.

Under the federal act, which must be followed in order to get reimbursements for the free and reduced lunches, a fruit or vegetable must be part of every meal. In addition to closely monitoring the ingredients in every item offered to conform to the federal guidelines, food service needs to try to offer menu choices the students will actually want to buy.

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