Urbana (Ohio) Students Utilize Own Technology for Learning

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Some Urbana Junior High and High School students haven’t been getting a rap on the knuckles for bringing out their Kindles or iPads in class, thanks to a new Bring Your Own Technology (BYOT) pilot program.

Through the program, students can use their smartphones, tablets or laptops in some classes in conjunction with their lessons. The items also can be used during study hall and at the library for educational purposes only, high school Principal Kristin Mays said.

“Our kids are growing up in a world of technology,” she said. “Instead of trying to keep away from it, we should embrace the use of it and try to make sure it is done in the most appropriate way. These students are going to use it in college, in the workforce. It doesn’t make sense to deprive them of it.”

The pilot program got its start this school year with the permission of the school board. The district has a policy of not allowing cell phone use on campus or in the classroom, but that rule is waived for the students taking part in this pilot program, Mays said.

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