Utah Graduation Rate up Though Calculations Differ

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Monday, June 11, 2012

Utah is making big strides in getting more high school students to graduate, although not all agencies agree on how to measure those strides.

Data released this week in Education Week's annual Diplomas Count report shows Utah's graduation rate is tied for 10th place in the nation, up from 30th in the 2011 report.

"There is so much great work going on out in the schools and districts really working with kids, and I think it just demonstrates that incredible effort," Judy Park, state associate superintendent, told The Salt Lake Tribune.

Education Week pegs Utah's 2009 graduation rate at 78.4 percent, up from 71.9 percent the previous year. That's higher than the state's statistic, which shows 72 percent of high schoolers graduated in 2009.

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