Vizzle® and Unique Learning System® partner to provide resources for special education

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Monday, May 20, 2013

Monarch Teaching Technologies (MTT), the makers of VizZle®, educational software for visual learners, and n2y, the makers of the popular special education curriculum Unique Learning System®, the News-2-You adapted weekly newspaper and SymbolStix™ dynamic symbol set, yesterday announced a partnership. Subscribers to both the Unique curriculum and VizZle can now create interactive lessons using SymbolStix within VizZle to support the Unique curriculum content. The resulting lessons will be available to all VizZle subscribers at no cost.

“This is the future of education,” said Terry Murphy, CEO of MTT, “Providing common core aligned curriculum with touch technology and multimedia will allow Unique and VizZle subscribers to engage the most challenged students. Teachers can customize educational content in VizZle, add interactivity, fun factors and multimedia, all proven to reach these students. They can then share those resources with the community, saving time and increasing effectiveness across the board.”

VizZle subscribers will have free access to collections of lessons that have been moderated and approved by both VizZle and Unique to support the Unique curriculum. Lessons will be added continuously throughout each month as users share the content they create. Subscribers to both Unique and VizZle can import SymbolStix Online images for use in VizZle lessons, and freely share them within the VizZle Library. Future plans for the partnership include direct access to SymbolStix within VizZle.

“We are excited about sharing our content with yet another company with such a unique service,” said Jacquie Clark, President and CEO of n2y. “Unique Learning System provides the foundation for standards-based learning in Preschool through Transition special education classrooms. We are excited to support those teachers looking to extend the monthly lessons using VizZle software. And now Unique subscribers will also be able to directly access at least four VizZle supports per grade level band every month in the Supporting Files section of the [Unique Learning] dashboard.” 

About Monarch Teaching Technologies, Inc. (MTT)

MTT ( and its VizZle visual learning software system was originally conceived of at of the Monarch Center for Autism in Shaker Heights, OH, a not for profit agency which provides a full array of education and residential services for people with autism across the lifespan. After a four year R&D collaboration with researchers funded in part by NIH and US

Department of Education grants, MTT introduced VizZle, a web based visual learning resource, in 2009. Now teachers, therapists, students and parents across the country collectively spend over 15,000 hrs/month on VizZle using any of the almost 8,000 lessons from the moderated shared library, creating lessons from in program templates and over 14,000 images, audio and video clips, and tracking outcomes by IEP goals or Common Core Standards.

About N2Y

n2y is a family‐run, online education publishing company started by Jacquie Clark, a speech‐language pathologist with over 30 years experience in and out of the classroom. n2y has grown to include a weekly newspaper, online curriculum, and dynamic symbol set. The New‐2‐You current events newspaper utilizes concise, symbol‐supported text to deliver current events news to a population previously denied this information. Unique Learning System is the only comprehensive web‐based and standards‐based curriculum specifically designed for special learners. SymbolStix ONLINE offers subscribers the newest and most dynamic symbol set ever developed. The set is used exclusively throughout n2y products. For additional information, please visit us at We can also be reached by e‐mail at or call us at (800) 697‐6575.