VizZle® Now Supports Links Curriculum Presented by STAR® Autism Support

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Friday, April 12, 2013

Monarch Teaching Technologies (MTT) today announced that STAR Autism Support (STAR) will provide subscribers of their Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) Links Curriculum with access to special interactive content through VizZle, the web-based visual learning center.

“We are pleased to partner with Monarch Teaching Technologies, whose innovative software program, VizZle, allows educators to give the interactive, visual experience our students need and enjoy!” said Joel Arick, President of STAR. “VizZle provides access to the visual tools needed by educators implementing the Links Curriculum and other STAR Autism Support curricula. Our goal at STAR Autism Support is to help educators implement complete classroom solutions. VizZle, in cooperation with our existing programs, brings us significantly closer to that goal!”

Educators using the Links Curriculum will be provided with ready-made lessons within VIzZle. Subscribers will have access to highly engaging content to capture students’ attention, keep them engaged, and track performance.

“With this partnership, STAR has again proven that it is a leader in providing educators with the best-practices professional development and autism materials needed to be truly effective,” said Terry Murphy, MTT’s CEO. “It is increasingly evident that kids with autism thrive on highly visual interactive multi-media content, whether on iPads, laptops or interactive whiteboards. STAR is taking advantage of the VizZle platform to bring that high engagement factor to their materials. It’s a great marriage of best-practices content presented using best-practices technology.”

About VizZle®
VizZle, produced by Monarch Teaching Technologies, is an easy-to-use, Web-based authoring tool that empowers educators to create fun, interactive, visually-supported curriculum customized to the needs of children with autism and other learning challenges. Using any of the thousands of pre-made lessons from the moderated shared library or using lessons created with flexible templates and thousands of in program or imported images, audio and video clips,teachers can track improved outcomes by IEP goals or any state standard.

About Links® Curriculum
The Links® Curriculum is a comprehensive curriculum, aligned with the Common Core State Standards, for teaching independence to students with autism and other developmental disabilities. The evidence-based strategies of discrete trial training, task analysis, environmental supports and positive behavior supports form the foundation of this innovative program for upper elementary, secondary and post-secondary students. Through the Links online interface, educators can customize student routines, download lesson plans to teach individual skills, track student progress through detailed reporting features, identify IEP goals and objectives and access visual teaching resources.

About Monarch Teaching Technologies, Inc.
Monarch Teaching Technologies, Inc. ( provides cost-effective, technology-enhanced solutions for more effective instruction for children with special learning needs. After a four-year R&D collaboration with researchers funded in part by NIH grants, the company introduced VizZle, a web-based visual learning center, in 2009.

About STAR® Autism Support
STAR® Autism Support provides curriculum materials, workshops and training to educators working with students with autism. STAR products and services are founded in evidence-based practices including Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) techniques. STAR has worked with over 2,000 school districts and private agencies across the United States, Canada and Europe. More information on STAR Autism Support can be found at