As Vote on Idado Ed Laws Nears, Sides Contemplate What Repeal Would Look Like

Monday, March 12, 2012

A list of proposed changes to Idaho's new education reforms has triggered a frequent question: What happens if the laws are repealed in November?

Opponents gathered enough signatures last year to put a referendum on this year's Nov. 6 ballot that, if approved, would overturn some of the biggest changes to Idaho's public education system in decades. The repeal would take effect immediately, with schools roughly three months into the next academic year.

While some details are certain, when it comes to how Idaho's public schools would handle the reversal, the answer depends on who's being asked.

The statewide teachers union, chief among critics of the reforms authored by public schools chief Tom Luna, contends a repeal would allow the state to ditch provisions that make Idaho less attractive to educators.

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