Wake County (N.C.) Will Offer Students More School Options

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Wake County students, who have long enjoyed a wide array of public school options, are poised to get several more.

For the past three decades, they could attend a base school, which offers a general education. Or they could choose from magnet schools that offer lots of electives--from archery to classes in rap music and architecture.

On Tuesday, that menu got bigger--but not without some political resistance.

Wake schools officials approved a plan that, over the next few years, would expand options to include single-sex leadership academies, a science academy, a vocational high school and a schoolhouse that would cater to recent preschool graduates and middle school students.

"What you are seeing is a more strategic vision of student achievement and parent empowerment leading the way this district does business," said John Tedesco, vice chairman of the Wake County school board. "The variety of schools will help fill the needs of this entire diverse county."

The options were approved as part of a $130.3 million construction plan that Superintendent Tony Tata hopes will make schools more innovative, attractive and cost-efficient.

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