Wake County Schools Mirror Nationwide Track Record

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Wake County Schools mixed up year-round tracks which forced hundreds of students to be marked down as absent. Parents were confused when school officials contacted them over their absent children.

Track four year-round school students were not amused when finding that they were actually suppose to be assigned another track. Leaders consider the mistake a "breakdown in communication." And according to WTVD-11 ABC News and WCPSS, there were still 103 students absent as of Monday. Some students are enjoying their summer vacation since they were told to return during the end of July, but should have been in school since mid-July.

A mix-up of this magnitude could affect:

Perfect attendance track records.

Parents with job schedules relying on the later July date rather than mid-July.

Transportation of those relying on outside sources running on strict schedules.

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