Waltham, Mass. public schools technology report raises eyebrows

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

An independent report of the Waltham public schools’ technology and library programs revealed both positive and negative findings and raised eyebrows from school officials about the method in which the report was conducted.

Two retired public school information technology directors conducted the survey, and the findings were presented to the School Committee Wednesday night. Although the majority of the report commended teachers’ and administrators’ efforts in the field of technology information services, a reoccurring criticism posed the question of whether the schools had the technological infrastructure to meet the needs of the district.

“An appropriate bandwidth analogy is: that the Waltham Public Schools are currently using the capacity of a soda straw to provide bandwidth to the district when, in fact, what is needed is the capacity of a fire hose to provide efficient access and functionality,” the report said.

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