Washington education reform proposals harmful to teachers

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Thursday, May 30, 2013

The regular session of the state legislature ended on April 28 with unfinished business. Gov. Jay Inslee called for a special session in which the legislature has been directed to agree to a budget and to settle on what education reform measures are to be passed.

At the start of the regular session, Senate Majority Leader Rodney Tom, and Education Committee chair Steve Litzow stated that there would be no new money for education without education reform measures. Since education funding is a significant part of the budget, the Senate Majority Caucus is holding the budget hostage to their education reform.

Here is what education reform looks like to them:

Less pay: They want to eliminate the voter approved cost-of-living allowance for educators. Through actual pay cuts and the loss of the cost-of-living allowance, my salary was $8,000 less than it should have been last year. It is not fair to balance the budget by cutting educators' pay.

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