We must create educational equality

Lauren Williams's picture
Monday, January 13, 2014

University of Pittsburgh professor Robert B. McCall’s article about the effects of poverty on our children in the United States (“Inequality Injures Kids,” Jan. 5 Forum) should sound the alarm for a swift call to action. As an educator for 38 years I have seen the evolution of a separation in our culture that creates the inequalities that he has so eloquently discussed.

I graduated from Clairton High School, where I was able to go to school and socialize with the sons and daughters of U.S. Steel superintendents and janitors, engineers and electricians, congressmen and criminals. Today few schools and municipalities have that diversity. Diversity allows children to learn from each other and see firsthand that it is possible to compete with all students in the class. Diverse schools also provide social opportunities for acceptance that include clubs, school government and sports.

Pennsylvania’s 500 school districts range from Upper St. Clair to Clairton, from South Fayette to Steel Valley, segregated schools and communities, not by race or religion, but by wealth.

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