We need coding in schools, but where are the teachers?

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Many believe that anyone can learn using the many “learn to code” startups that surround us. Programmers today are writing code--to teach coding!

What, then, is the role of the teacher in this coding movement, especially for younger students? Can all kids learn using these “learn to code’” sites without a teacher who understands coding? Will this work for all types of students?

As a computer science teacher who teaches several programming classes each week in California’s Los Altos school district (LASD), I find “learn to code” sites do work for a few of my students. These are students who are motivated and believe they will be able to program. They are willing to search for solutions and put in the time needed. My main role as their teacher is usually to suggest new projects or modifications to their existing work.

But what about the many others for whom these “learn to code” sites do not work?

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