What Schools Need to Know About OS X Mountain Lion

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

It’s a little early — OK, more than a little — to draw conclusions on just how OS X Mountain Lion from Apple might impact schools that use Macs.

Still, Apple’s overview of their new desktop operating system makes such a strong connection to features borrowed from iOS, the operating system of the iPhone and iPad, that it’s a good idea to consider how Macs might fare in school environments where the iPad is now so popular that it is outselling the Mac.

Many districts are rolling out One to One iPad programs (one iPad per student), where most computing is done with the iPad. By more closely integrating with iOS, OS X Mountain Lion should help in schools that make heavy use of iPads and still want to use Macs. Of the key features announced for the forthcoming Mountain Lion last week, a few technologies have significance for schools — some good, and some maybe bad.

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