Why is bilingual education better?

Thursday, June 26, 2014

The state of Texas is currently under fire for not providing a quality education to students learning English, particularly at the middle and high school levels. LULAC is suing the state for failing to teach academic content and English to the 17 percent of public schools students who are labeled as English learners.

This begs the questions, what is the best approach to teaching English learners who need to acquire grade level content knowledge and English language skills?

California is reconsidering that question. Recently, a bill passed the State Senate that will allow voters to decide if the option of bilingual education should be returned to school districts. In 1997 the citizens of California voted to virtually end bilingual education. Now, nearly 20 years later, no amount of anti-immigrant sentiment can stand up to the vast amount of scientific research, and a little common sense, that shows us that bilingual is, quite simply, better.

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