Wisconsin Schools Need Boost, Budget Needs Balance

Monday, March 4, 2013

Freezing public school spending in Wisconsin would be a mistake, given previous cuts and rising costs. That’s the most glaring problem with Gov. Scott Walker’s two-year, $68 billion state budget proposal.

The Republican governor also stalls his considerable progress toward an honest and truly balanced budget. Having slain a giant budget gap two years ago, Walker shouldn’t be backtracking even a bit.

The Legislature has some fixing to do. Yet some of Walker’s priorities are strong, including:

• His support — and flexibility — for higher education. Wisconsin would go back to spending more on universities than prisons, and workforce development would get a boost.

• A special fund to lure more investment capital for young and innovative companies. The fund is an important step for encouraging job and income growth for workers across Wisconsin.

• More autonomy for public charter schools.

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