Wisconsin Students Are Living and Learning Science

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

This school year, students from P.J. Jacobs Junior High School joined 335 students who are part of MySciLife—using technology to live as a science concept and interact with other students from 15 classrooms in seven states across the United States. MySciLife is an online social learning environment in which students create an identity as a science concept, such as an organism, animal, object, scientist or force.

What would it be like to live life as a cell, a rock, an animal or a body system? Students develop a persona and maintain the role of this science concept via status updates, interactions and tools familiar to today’s youth—safely within the MySciLife community.

Eleven teachers, including Jeffrey Mlsna at P.J. Jacobs, piloted MySciLife during this year and collected data on the effectiveness of this dynamic science learning experience. Preliminary results show that MySciLife is an effective tool for science-focused interaction and can be used to assess understanding as students “live” and learn science.

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