Young Editorial Cartoonists Shine in Annual NewsCurrents Contest

Lauren Williams's picture
Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Adults often assume that young people neither know nor care about the world around them. Every year, however, hundreds of students prove just how wrong that assumption is. The annual NewsCurrents Student Editorial Cartoon Contest is a showcase for young editorial cartoonists all over the U.S.

This year’s winners have just been announced. Francesca Raimondi, a student at Oakwood School in North Hollywood, California, won first place cartoon in the Grade K-6 division. She drew an American flag with 26 holes in it — one for every person who died in last December’s shootings in Newtown, Connecticut.

In the Grade 7-9 division, the winning cartoon came from Sam Clement from Evans Junior High School in Normal, Illinois. It shows an elephant and a donkey in a car. They narrowly avoid plunging over the “fiscal cliff” by running out of gas…but then they decide to put more gas in the car.

The winner in the Grade 10-12 division, Jeremy Gingrich, attends Clear Brook High School in Friendswood, TX.  His cartoon shows a high school graduate having to “walk the plank” to his desired career without being eaten by sharks labeled “High unemployment” and “Student-loan debt.”

“These cartoons show how deeply many young people feel about current issues,” according to NewsCurrents publisher Judith Laitman. “We are always amazed at the ingenuity, critical thinking, and depth of understanding displayed by the student cartoonists.”

NewsCurrents is a weekly current events program published by Knowledge Unlimited of Madison, Wisconsin. Nearly half a million students and adults participate in NewsCurrents every week.

The first-place cartoons can be viewed at