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Out-of-state money pouring into Minneapolis school board race

An unprecedented amount of money is upending the citywide Minneapolis school board race with hundreds of thousands of dollars pouring in from well-funded outside groups.

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Raise transparency standards for all schools, says Mich. governor

A week after Democrats in the Michigan House announced their intentions to reform charter schools, Gov. Rick Snyder said both private and public schools need to be held more accountable and treated equally.

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New Common Core polls find division among teachers

Two Gallup polls released this week found school teachers divided on Common Core. And support for the academic standards has slipped among parents, particularly Republicans.

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Regardless of grading scale, quality must come first

There's a new education controversy brewing in North Carolina that has nothing to do with teacher pay, budgets or class sizes. It's much more basic and personal: grades.

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Proposed funding law fails to solve underlying school inequality

Illinois needs to repair how it pays for public education. District-by-district funding reflects local property taxes. Richer districts naturally get more money back. It’s basic inequity for poor families, and the sort of systematic imbalance that often energizes federal courts to impose their own remedies.

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Katy ISD expected to hit 100,000 students by 2024

The Texas district, which added some 2,865 students in the last year alone, is expected to hit nearly 100,000 students by 2024, according to the report by College Station-based Population and Survey Analaysts.

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N.M. court upholds law for textbooks to private schools

The state Court of Appeals has upheld the constitutionality of a decades-old law that calls for the state to provide textbooks and other instructional material to private and religious schools. The court ruled the law doesn’t violate a state constitutional provision barring taxpayer money from being used to support any “sectarian, denominational or private school.”

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Blackboard releases tablet app for teachers

Blackboard Inc. released a tablet app designed to improve faculty workflow around assignments and track student submissions. Through Bb Grader, teachers and faculty can easily track, sort and grade student assignments across multiple courses directly from their iOS tablets.

Lawyers, high court justices debate Wash. charter school funding

The debate over money for education was heard at the Washington Supreme Court again, focusing on the state's new commitment to public charter schools. A coalition of teachers, parents and community groups is suing the state to stop the new charter system from getting off the ground.

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City school board in New York seeks new stance on discipline

The Rochester School District is negotiating a new contract with the Rochester Police Department to provide school resource officers in schools, with a new focus on restorative justice practices for wayward students.

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