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Mississippi lawmakers OK vouchers for special-needs students

Parents with special-needs kids in Mississippi could soon use government vouchers to send them to religious academic institutions or secular schools, under a new bill approved by the state Legislature. Critics, however, say the bill is unconstitutional because it conflicts with the separation between church and state.

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Project ChildSafe releases new firearm safety video

The National Shooting Sports Foundation debuted How to Talk to Your Kids about Firearm Safety. The a new educational video, starring champion shooter and mother Julie Golob, was created as a resource to start positive and constructive conversations about firearm safety and help responsibly demystify the subject of guns.

Forecast5 debuts analytics platform for California schools

A new business intelligence and data analytics platform, 5Sight, is being introduced by Forecast5 Analytics, Inc. to the California public education market. 5Sight enables school administrators to review historical trend data and compare performance metrics for finance, human resources, academic achievement and other school operations.

Parents concerned over Missouri school's BMI reports

Parents at one elementary school are speaking out after a letter sent home with students called out some children for being overweight. After having their body mass index calculated in gym class, the letter the students received listed their current and past BMI and whether the current number fell below, within or above what’s considered “healthy” range.

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Legislators give growing Maryland school districts $20 million

Lawmakers announced that they would come up with an extra $20 million for a handful of growing school districts to deal with serious overcrowding. Five school systems qualified for the extra dollars this year, but that could change during the next session, depending on individual construction needs.

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Bill to divert district funds to charter schools approved by Florida House

The Florida House approved a controversial proposal that could require school districts to share tens of millions of dollars in construction funds with rival charter schools.

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Arizona House gives OK to electioneering ban on school officials

Arizona teachers are worried schools could lose the ability to inform parents about bond measures and other election information that affect their children's education if lawmakers pass a House bill. A provision would block school or charter school employees from speaking or distributing information in an official capacity to influence an election.

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Illinois districts dipping into reserves

As state and federal school funding sources dry up in Illinois, school districts are having to tap into their reserves and borrow more, despite significant cost-cutting measures taken in recent years, according to a new report by the Illinois State Board of Education.

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How Texas can take the lead on school choice

Lawmakers in Austin are now debating a bill that would provide school choice and educational freedom. Texas’ system for funding schools is antiquated with two different mechanisms allocating money based on complex formulas. It is difficult to enact true education reform when it’s unclear who is paying the bills.

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School funding deadlock stalls 2015 Iowa session

Heated debates over K12 school funding — which is the biggest line item in the state budget at almost $2.9 billion this fiscal year — appear to have stalled the progress of the Iowa Legislature's 2015 session. The lack of a deal on school funding levels means school districts can't develop their budgets for the next academic year.

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