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Unified sports give everyone a chance to excel

For students with special needs, school can be a constant reminder of exactly how they are different socially and academically. Unified sports programs can change some of that, by putting all participants — special and regular education — in the same uniform and on the same field of play at the same time.

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School turnarounds will fail without high-quality pre-K

As the idea of universal pre-K moved to center stage in election season this fall, interest in high-quality pre-K as a school turnaround tool grows. Tragically, millions of children begin elementary school years behind their peers, and the SIG program — overhauled by the Obama administration five years ago — has not closed that gap.

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New report shows highest course enrollment numbers

Education Market Research/Simba Information released a new report titled K-12 Enrollment by Subject/Course & Grade, 2014-15 School Year. The data shows that the highest enrollment courses include art and general music at the elementary level, and algebra and Spanish and biology at the senior high level.

Full-day preschool beats part-day for school preparedness

Chicago preschoolers who attended a full-day preschool program rather than a half-day had higher scores on measures of school readiness skills, including language, math, social development and physical health, researchers from the University of Minnesota reported.

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Trenton district's graduation rate tops 50 percent

For the first time in years, the New Jersey school district is reporting an on-time graduation rate of more than 50 percent for 2014. A total of 52.9 percent of students completed high school within four years, graduating on time in 2014, which district officials attribute to stability and staff.

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Spanish immersion school plans in flux in South Dakota district

The timeline for building a new Spanish immersion school in Sioux Falls might be in jeopardy because of a proposal by state lawmakers to put new limits on K12 capital budgets. Public school capital outlay funds would be capped under the terms of a proposal introduced last week by a legislative committee.

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Charter school enrollment in Oregon hits new high

Enrollment in Oregon charter schools set a new record last year, with 5 percent of Oregon public school students enrolled in one of the state's many and varied charter schools. Charter school enrollment has nearly doubled in the past five years, from 15,400 in 2008-2009 to 28,600 last year.

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Pennsylvania's ad hoc school funding is unfair, unpredictable

Pennsylvania is one of only three states without a consistently applied school funding formula, which creates unfairness for students and disparities among school districts across the state. State officials must find an equitable method to distribute state funds for public education so that all students can have access to high-quality educational programs and services.

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Pittsburgh school board approves comprehensive plan

The plan approved by Pittsburgh Public Schools' board runs from July 2015 through June 2018. Some changes were made to the original plan as a result of feedback, including increasing teacher-led professional development, providing more professional development on culturally responsive teaching techniques and more.

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Buncee launches new iPad app

buncee released the new free iPad app Buncee for Edu, and revamped Buncee Pro, its original iPad app. Buncee for Edu allow students to create their own digital stories, presentations and other projects. The Buncee Pro iPad app has also been redesigned with a new user interface and features.