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Robbie Owen announces resignation as superintendent at Baldwin County School System

The Alabama superintendent is leaving his current position to return to his previous role as principal of Rockwell Elementary School.

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Tennessee nears national goal for graduation numbers

Tennessee in 2013 ranked eighth nationally for its high school graduation rates. With 86.3 percent of Tennessee high school students currently graduating on time, the state isn't far from reaching the U.S. goal of 90 percent by 2020, according to a new report.

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Consolidation, sharing agreements among options for rural Iowa schools

Due to school district consolidations, Iowa now has 122 fewer districts than it did in 1965. Most district mergers point to the central challenges that rural Iowa schools face today: low revenue through property taxes and state aid, transportation costs and the problem of maintaining staffing and class offerings when enrollment declines.

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Surprise Wisconsin school sports measure stirs up critics

Critics are criticizing legislators after the state's budget committee passed a surprise motion last week that would allow private, home-schooled and online charter students to participate in public school district athletics and activities.

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Are preschoolers getting enough exercise during school?

Preschoolers may not be getting enough exercise while attending preschool, according to a new study. Instead of participating in physical activities for the recommended 120 minutes per day, children were receiving just 48 minutes a day to run and play during preschool hours.

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New Howell superintendent switches Michigan districts

Erin MacGregor, Plymouth Canton Community Schools assistant superintendent of teaching and learning, has been offered the superintendent’s job at Howell Public Schools. MacGregor has served the Plymouth-Canton district for 15 years.

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New K5 teaching resource takes student writing into real-world applications

Nell K. Duke and Scholastic debuted Information in Action, a new professional development tool that guides teachers to use project-based instruction to help students become better readers and writers of informational text.

Jefferson County chooses new superintendent of schools

The West Virginia county's board of education chose Bondy Shay Gibson as the new superintendent. In Henrico County, she was the deputy superintendent.

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Principal leaves for superintendent position in neighboring Calif. district

After serving Visalia USD for eight years, current Redwood High School Principal Fernie Marroquin will next year transition into a superintendent position at Tulare's Oak Valley Union Elementary School District. Kerry Beauchaine, the current superintendent, is retiring after this school year.

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New app released as part of new partnership

Sunburst Digital, Inc. and Parlor Labs partnered bring Ponder, a browser add-on and iOS app used to create micro-responses and annotations. Teachers and students are using Ponder to manage open-ended, self-directed learning across the internet, PDFs and videos.