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Meria Carstarphen as next Atlanta superintendent

The Atlanta Public Schools Board of Education approved the hiring of Meria Carstarphen as the new superintendent. Transferring from Austin, Texas, Carstarphen replaces Erroll Davis, who will retire after joining the district three years ago in the wake of the school system's cheating scandal.

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New incentive program increasing attendance in Alaska

The first year of an Anchorage district's perfect attendance incentive program is almost over. Compared to last school year, first quarter absences dropped 21 percent. Over 12,000 elementary students and more than 400 high school students are still eligible for the Disneyland vacation and free car prizes.

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High school students to run national film festival

Loyola High School in Los Angeles will showcase the work of young filmmakers from across the country via a student-run film festival to be held May 17. Open to all U.S. high school students, the Loyola Film Festival will feature three categories: narrative short, documentary short and action sports.

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Enforcing a dress code for parents in Florida

A Florida high school wants to set a dress code for parents. It’s highly unlikely that the dress code for parents could be enforced, but a Broward County School Board member would like the situation to be addressed by principals.

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Can traditional schools learn to play well with charters?

Let’s press the mute button on politically driven denunciations and work together on the shared mission of all public schools, traditional and charter: to provide great educational services for children.

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Higher education students should be utilized in schools

In North Carolina's Carrboro High School, students began the Language for Youth program, in which students volunteer to teach language classes at a middle school. One way to help keep the program active would be to engage university students as well as student-teachers in other subjects not offered at the middle school level.

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A city, a school and a lot of moms

The debate over how best to improve urban school systems in major American cities is robust and complicated. But one Boston community found a way to transform public education almost by accident. For the Charlestown neighborhood, a group of new moms just looking for a night out ended up blossoming into a determined movement for schools.

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New Edgenuity report for blended learning teachers

Edgenuity has released a new Lesson Mastery report for online and blended learning instructors. The Lesson Mastery report offers at-a-glance access to data and metrics that allow teachers to monitor, track and personalize the learning experience for each student.

InFocus adds two series of bright projectors to its classroom models

InFocus Corporation has added two series of bright projectors to its existing lineup of classroom models. The interactivity-enabled IN2120a series and IN120STa short throw series models can use the optional LiteBoard adapter to enable the LiteBoard Wand to operate as a wireless interactive pen and mouse.

Massachusetts adopts Torsh TALENT for early education and childcare

Massachusetts is partnering with Torsh Inc. to use its TALENT solution as part of the state's Department of Early Education and Childcare Peer Assistance and Coaching pilot. The online video-based collaboration and analytics platform will support coaching and professional development for early child care and out-of-school-time education providers.