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Charter school not required to bus students, judge says

Pointing to choices made by parents, a state judge has ruled that a Southeast Florida school district cannot require a charter school to provide bus transportation to students. The case focused, in part, on a state law that effectively requires districts to provide bus transportation to students who live two miles or more from school.

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Study suggests school quality may affect potential military cuts

Decisions about cuts to military personnel at places such as Fort Drum, and the multibillion-dollar economic consequences that come with them, may hinge on local school quality, a new report suggests.

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Gov. Rick Snyder signs bills to speed school finance warnings

A package of eight bills designed to give Michigan school districts help more quickly if the state determines they are at risk of a financial emergency has been signed by the governor. One raises the cap on emergency loans to municipalities.

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Touchjet device creates interactive classrooms

The Touchjet Pond Projector turns any wall or table surface into an 80-inch interactive touchscreen where students and teachers can display and interact with Android educational apps, fostering group problem solving and social learning.

metacog releases automated real-time rubric-based scoring API

The advanced scoring analytics API can evaluate student performance within simulations, games, and other open-ended assessment items and digital learning objects — in real time.

Nevada's new school voucher law will make inequality worse

When Nevada enacted the nation's first law creating almost universal access to education savings accounts, few reformers pointed out that it would undermine equal opportunity. Those who can afford to add to their education savings account to buy a more expensive education will do just that. But those who can't will not.

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Wichita school district again opts out of free-meals program

In Topeka, which uses the program, many didn’t fill out an alternate form that’s needed to secure state funding for serving at-risk students. The Topeka district may have lost about $330,000 in state aid last school year as a result.

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Our golden opportunity

With the reauthorization of the dysfunctional No Child Left Behind, we have a chance to once again let teachers teach and let students learn. Educators know that good teaching and learning inspires students' natural curiosity, imagination, and the ability to develop critical thinking skills. Schools must nurture these values because the stakes are high.

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Improved learning analytics brought to Blackboard's open source customers

Blackboard has acquired X-Ray Analytics, a predictive analytics technology that provides visualizations of past behavior and performances at the course, cross-course and institutional levels. The technology will be first integrated into Blackboard's Moodlerooms and Enterprise Moodle.

La. public school districts getting more control over books

Gov. Bobby Jindal has agreed to give local public school districts more freedom to choose their textbooks. The state education department will review instructional materials in English, math, science and social studies to decide whether they meet state educational standards. But local districts won't be bound by its approved list.

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