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Chicago mayor calls school cuts 'untenable' and proposes property tax increase

A hefty payment to the pension fund for Chicago Public School teachers is forcing changes that will include curtailing elementary school sports and 5,300 coaching stipends and cutting network offices and teacher development programs. The district's property tax levy could also go up about $200 million.

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Collaboration bolsters Edgenuity program's ability to personalize the student learning experience

Edgenuity MyPath, a supplemental instruction program in mathematics and reading, will soon incorporate Scantron assessment data to deliver personalized learning plans to students. MyPath can be used for intervention, grade-level support, or academic enrichment through individualized learning paths.

New digital science textbook released

The new Discovery Education Science Techbook is designed specifically to help teachers transition to the Next Generation Science Standards framework. It includes content such as video, audio, text, interactives with hands-on activities and virtual labs.

New application makes tablets more suitable for classroom use

To help make tablets more classroom ready, Educational Resources created its EdRedi application to enable classroom teachers to intuitively supervise and control their students’ name-brand devices — such as the Acer Iconia 10.1 tablet, the first EdRedi-enabled device.

Module added by BrightBytes to develop school leaders

A leadership module has been added to BrightBytes' Clarity platform. Created in partnership with McREL International, the module is based on McREL's research about the leadership practices that have the largest impact on student outcomes.

New York City launches school-support centers

Chancellor Carmen Fariña’s redesigned system for supporting and overseeing schools entered a new phase with the official launch of seven new help centers where schools will turn for guidance on everything from budgeting to teacher training.

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State court rules block grants are unconstitutional

The Kansas Legislature is again in a dilemma over school funding. Cutting education funding so a select few can benefit from income tax decreases is not fair to the Kansas students and will ultimately hurt the state's economy in the long term through a less-prepared workforce.

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Oregon Senate advances bill publishing school's vaccination rates

The legislators approved a measure requiring all schools to publish their immunization rates and to break out the rates by disease. The The Oregon Health Authority currently publishes the state's vaccination rates, but it doesn't break out the immunizations by disease.

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Chicago makes massive teachers pension fund payment

Mayor Rahm Emanuel directed Chicago Public Schools to meet Tuesday's deadline for a $634 million contribution to Chicago's teachers retirement fund but warned making the state-mandated payment would lead the cash-strapped district to make classroom cuts ahead of the new school year.

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N.J. open records group wins judgments against Trenton school board

An open government advocacy group that sued the Trenton Board of Education for violating the state's Open Public Meetings Act won key pieces of the lawsuit. The orders instruct the city's school board to change the way they enter executive session at meetings and keep better notes of what they discuss.

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