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Bethlehem Area School Board approves universal full-day kindergarten

The Pennsylvania district's school board voted to apply to the Pennsylvania Department of Education to begin offering full-day kindergarten for every district student next school year. The expansion into all 16 Bethlehem elementary schools is aimed at improving third-grade outcomes.

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Over 60 percent of South Carolina school buses older than 15 years

The 5,500 school buses in South Carolina's fleet are owned and maintained by the state, not the school districts. South Carolina law recommends that the state replace around 360 buses each year, but it's not a requirement. Last year, only nine buses were replaced.

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$48 million in public school funds on line for Maine

Maine is in danger of losing an important federal waiver that could have ramifications on funding for the state’s public schools unless the Legislature changes the way teachers and principals are evaluated before March 15, according to the Maine Department of Education.

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Over 10 percent of New York school districts are in 'fiscal stress'

State Comptroller Thomas P. DiNapoli's Fiscal Stress Monitoring System designated 90 school districts statewide, which is 13 percent of districts, as fiscally stressed. Statewide, this second year of scoring designated 10 school districts in "significant fiscal stress," 27 in "moderate fiscal stress" and 53 as "susceptible to fiscal stress."

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New digital safety module launched by Discovery Education and Intel Security

The two companies have released a new self-paced, interactive digital safety module for students ages 8-11 focusing on cybersecurity as part of the Intel Security Digital Safety Program.

Chalkable brings classroom tools to STI's flagship student information system

STI integrated Chalkable classroom management tools for teachers within its flagship InformationNOW student information system. This integration removes the need for double entry of data by teachers and provides automatic reporting of grades and assignments.

New funding to be requested for Native American schools

The Obama administration will request $1 billion in funding for American Indian education when it releases its budget next week, including millions for desperately needed school construction.

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Struggling online school model raises serious questions

The current model for internet-based schools doesn’t seem to work. What that tells us is that the fundamentals remain crucial. Teachers, time in a classroom and resources matter. So far, the evidence suggests many online schools in Colorado have failed to develop a model that delivers on these fundamentals.

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Nevada governor expands school breakfast plan

Gov. Brian Sandoval has challenged all schools in the state to get more of their students eating breakfast before class with a new contest. Nevada currently ranks 41st in the nation for breakfast participation.

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States move to make citizenship exams a classroom aid

The growing trend to require students to pass the citizenship test has created controversy, and not because of any issues related to immigration. Rather, at a time when resistance to standardized testing is growing, some educators worry that the new requirement will rob teachers of instructional time.

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