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St. Cloud school district facing bus driver shortage

Between the four independent school bus operators that serve the Minnesota district and the small fleet of buses the district owns, an estimated 40 drivers are still needed to make sure more than 9,000 students are taken to and from school each day.

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Colorado teacher, Fremont district settle lawsuit over religion in school

A Colorado school district accused of promoting evangelical Christian ideals has reached a settlement with a Jewish teacher who filed a lawsuit in May. Changes the district has to make include a districtwide ban on prayers at any school-sponsored event, among other stipulations.

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Indiana schools suffer from teacher shortage

As many schools head back to class this week, schools are struggling to find enough teachers to fill the classrooms. The majority of Central Indiana districts said finding teachers this year has been more difficult than ever. Several schools are using substitute teachers until they fill open positions.

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Special investigation of charter-school data omissions will not be launched

A special-investigations team will not examine examine why the state Department of Education omitted some student performance data from a mandated evaluation of charter-school sponsors. The reason: The error was exposed by the state Board of Education so quickly that no public money was misspent.

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Task force created to boost high school graduation rate

The Washington D.C. Education Board is forming a task force to provide ways to increase the high school graduation rate by offering flexibility. The proposal would drop the old seat-time-based system in granting high school credit, in favor of a new process that will reward students based on knowledge and ability.

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Seattle Public Schools expands geothermal conversion

The district is ramping up efforts to expand its geothermal conversion project. The district anticipates $30,000 of savings on energy reduction every year for its Adams Elementary School. The total cost for the project, which includes roof and seismic work, is nearly $3 million.

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New partnership develops arts-integrated professional development

VIF International Education and A+ Schools are working together to provide internationally themed arts-integrated professional development to teachers through the VIF Learning Center. In the first module, educators will explore how the arts can enhance global learning in their classrooms.

Instructional services now pre-approved by NCAA

The Edgenuity curriculum for high school students has been pre-approved by NCAA for use with district teachers. It provides state-certified teachers who interact with students via web conferencing, virtual whiteboard, email, phone and chat to provide direct instruction and support.

California school engages students with Hitachi interactive projectors

The Glenwood School recently added Hitachi CP-TW3003 interactive 3LCD projectors to each of its classrooms. The projectors are being used in combination with teachers’ computers, tablets, and document cameras.

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Oklahoma Department of Education withholds rates for 249 schools, citing privacy

The reasons being cited are House Bill 1989, approved in 2013, and an administrative code written by the Education Department for applying the law. The code says any data with counts of fewer than 10 students must be withheld.

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