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NAACP, parents criticize Calif. district for allowing school police to carry rifles

Compton Unified School District board passed a policy in July allowing school police officers to carry AR-15 rifles. NAACP members and parents called the action excessive and unnecessary and demanded the school board rescind the policy at least until parents had voiced their concerns.

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School discipline disparities investigated by Georgia state committee

A Georgia Senate committee began looking into how children are punished and expelled from school. They're also looking at whether race plays a part in school discipline issues, prompted by criticism that the disparities in discipline across the state are harmful to certain groups.

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Lee County makes history, opts out of state-mandated tests

The Florida county made history when they voted to become the first school district in Florida to opt out of all statewide, standardized tests.

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Judge declares public school financing system unconstitutional

A Texas state district judge has ruled that the state’s funding of public schools is unconstitutional. The decision found that the Texas school finance system in effect imposed a state property tax in violation of the Texas Constitution since districts do not control local property taxes.

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Minnesota district adds Performance Matters' online assessment platform

West St. Paul-Mendota Heights-Eagan Area Schools (District 197) will be the first in Minnesota to implement the UNIFY assessment platform, part of the Performance Matters assessment and data management system. To begin, teachers in grades six through nine will use UNIFY to collaboratively develop and administer online assessments in mathematics.

In New Jersey, district to turn cafeterias into 'retail food courts'

Hamilton district’s new food vendor is looking to turn the cafeterias in the district's 24 school into a "retail food court" concept, a place where students are drawn to healthier food options as their parents become more savvy about the nutritional content of their children’s lunches.

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Bullying measure shouldn't be taken lightly

It's clear that bullying in schools so concerned the Indiana General Assembly that lawmakers passed a measure requiring schools statewide to track cases. But the state's bullying report shows a significant variance in numbers from school to school. That raises concerns that schools aren't being consistent or, even worse, aren't taking seriously the need to track incidents and file such reports.

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Fix errors that cost New York City schools $356 million

The city's public school students on Staten Island have become victims of a series of financial errors by the Department of Education (DOE). The DOE was due to have been reimbursed for money it spent between 2012 and 2014 on U.S.-mandated services for special education pupils. However, the DOE covered the unreimbursed special education costs by shifting city money from school supplies.

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Steering committee considers $690 million for projects in Texas

The steering committee for Klein ISD’s upcoming 2015 bond referendum is considering up to $690.6 million worth of new construction, campus additions and other expenses that could be placed on the bond referendum next May.

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Springfield district to seek $71.5 million for construction

After a failed attempt last year, the Massachusetts district will again ask voters in November to approve a $71.5 million bond measure to ­replace a middle school and make other technology and classroom improvements.

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