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Vouchers increase public, private school gap

With voucher enrollment growing dramatically, it’s worth considering how long the public school system can remain in place. At the same time lawmakers are preparing to shift dollars from public schools serving students from poverty to wealthier school districts, they also are preparing to steer millions more to private schools.

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School bond rollover bill debated in Nevada Assembly

A controversial bill that would extend a bond rollover program to address pressing school construction needs in Clark County ran into tough questioning in an Assembly committee. The bill would allow the rollover for 10 years without requiring voter approval and also exempt school construction projects from the state prevailing wage law.

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Virtual charter network making profit at the expense of Calif. schoolchildren, study finds

California schoolchildren studying at home through a growing network of for-profit online charter schools often lack functional computers and other materials they need to learn -- even as millions in state tax dollars flow to the schools' operator, according to a report.

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178 New York schools receive failing grade, report says

The average graduation rate at the state’s more than 170 failing schools was 46.6 percent, according to a new statewide report. The average number of students proficient in math was 6.2 percent and the number proficient in English was even lower at 5.9 percent.

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Maryland governor's charter school proposal draws opposition

Gov. Larry Hogan's bill to expand charter schools in Maryland took center stage in Annapolis. The measure will make it easier to open and operate a charter school, but it's also generating opposition from public school teachers. The bill provides charter operators more autonomy to hire and fire teachers.

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New school bond accountability bills introduced

Two new California bills would hold local school districts more accountable and protect taxpayer dollars. One would prohibit school districts from using voter-approved school construction bond funds to purchase non-facility related items with a short usable life.

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California county embarks on high school building plan

San Juan USD begins construction of $117 million in “signature” projects at nine high school campuses next month. The projects will be financed with about a third of the $350 million in Measure N bond funds voters approved in 2012.

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Maryland county officials continue plea for state school aid

Montgomery County could face difficult decisions if the state doesn’t help fulfill the school district’s funding request for capital projects. The county school board’s requested $1.74 billion fiscal 2015-20 Capital Improvements Program banks on the success of a state bill to direct more school construction money to the county.

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Egmont USA titles bought by Lerner Publishing Group

Following Egmont’s decision in January to close their U.S. office, Lerner Publishing Group purchased its remaining U.S. assets, totaling 100 titles.

Maine district struggles to close projected $1 million gap

A drop in state funding included in Maine's state budget has led to the possibility of closing a school, cutting programs, raising taxes or using reserve funds to close an Augusta budget gap that could range from about $1.1 million to as much as $2 million.

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