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A union call to scale back school testing

While standardized tests have long been a part of public education, until recently, they’ve never been mistaken for its point and purpose. These tests are not meant to help teachers monitor student progress and tailor lessons. Instead, standardized tests are increasingly used as the single measure by which we judge the success of a school, staff quality and the learning of its students.

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New partnership between intelliVOL and AdmitHub

As part of a new agreement between x2VOL by intelliVOL and AdmitHub, students will be able to manage and track the hours they give to community service. This new partnership with AdmitHub will explore several options for x2VOL users to benefit from AdmitHub’s college admissions support.

Discovery Education partners to launch program to fight childhood obesity

The Healthy Weight Commitment Foundation and Discovery Education are launching the Together Counts program. The program is a comprehensive initiative designed to positively impact students to live active and healthy lives, and to understand key concepts of balancing food intake with exercise for energy balance.

Upper Merion Area School District faces $92.2 million in building renovation costs

Cost projections totaling $92.2 million for renovations needed across all of the buildings were presented to the Pennsylvania district's board. The majority of renovations come from repairs and replacements in the district's two oldest school buildings.

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York County schools receive construction funding

The Pennsylvania Department of Education approved nearly $2.2 million in funding for five elementary schools in the York area as part of a funding rollout to schools across the state. The department in May identified 200 school construction projects across the state waiting for reimbursement.

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Iowa voters agree to close another school district

Voters of the Corwith-Wesley school in northern Iowa voted to close the district. The dissolution plan divides the remaining school property to nearby districts once the district shutters at the end of this school year. In the last decade, 29 Iowa school districts have been shuttered.

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Weed-smoking teens 60 percent less likely to finish high school, study says

According to a new set of studies, teenagers who smoke pot daily are 60 percent less likely than non-users to finish high school. The studies of adolescent cannabis use also show that daily users under age 17 were seven times more likely to attempt suicide and eight times more likely to use illegal drugs at some point in their lives.

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After years-long racial bullying saga, New Jersey district pays to settle

A complaint filed years ago with the New Jersey Attorney General's Office alleging discrimination, harassment, and intimidation in the Franklin Township district against a young girl has been settled. The district will pay $75,000 to the girl's family and allocate money to an anti-bullying awareness program. The school board also must make sure employees are properly trained to address bullying complaints.

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Illinois school district wins $9.8 million settlement

Gillespie School District won its case against Union Pacific Railroad Company and has been awarded more than $9.8 million. The district sued on behalf of an elementary school, which was condemned by the Illinois State Department of Education after a mine subsidence caused major structural damage.

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Impoverished N.C. school tries new program to break poverty cycle

A Charlotte elementary school is trying something new to break the cycle of poverty by creating a "micro society" at a cost of $40,000. The micro society is meant to teach the students about a society-based enterprise system. All K5 students will take part, creating a government first and then school-wide businesses where each child will have a job.

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