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New Jersey district's $85 million school plan passes

A controversial $85 million school proposal passed in a referendum by nearly 500 votes. A swift solution to overcrowded classrooms seemed to drive most of the affirming votes.

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Keystone Central School District selects InfoSnap

The Pennsylvania district will move to an online solution for registering new and returning students with its recent partnership with InfoSnap. The online solution will use SmartForm technology to collect relevant data based on previously entered information or choices.

School district in Washington to offer nearly $100 million bond

Moses Lake School District voters will be asked to approve or reject a $98 million construction bond to build a new high school in a special election in February.

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Douglas County's school voucher case heard by Colorado's top court

The Colorado Supreme Court heard arguments in a case that could decide the future of district-run school voucher programs in the state. The legal battle began in 2011 when a Douglas County school board introduced a pilot voucher program that offered state funds for tuition at private schools, many of which were religious and outside the county.

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Education thought leaders forecast 2015 trends

Superintendents and other education experts look ahead on technology, the Common Core, college and career readiness, testing and range of other topics. Readers can add their predictions for 2015 in the comments section.

San Diego School Board votes for traditional schedule

San Diego USD trustees approved moving its schools and more than 132,000 students to a traditional schedule over the next two years.

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Texas to close more than 10 charter school operators

Texas will shut down 14 charter school operators that failed to meet heightened financial and academic performance rules this year. The law requires the Texas Education Agency to revoke a school's charter if it fails to meet state academic or financial accountability ratings for three years.

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Nation’s first Arabic dual-language school to open in Houston

Instruction at the Arabic Language Immersion Magnet School will be split evenly between English and Arabic. After Spanish, Arabic is the second-most common non-English language spoken at home for families in the district.

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What is bullying?

When we talk about bullying, what do we mean? Unfortunately, the answer is far from clear. Educators are taught one definition, while most state statutes have yet another definition. Worse, surveys are based on a variety of definitions.

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Coaching tomorrow’s education leaders

At the core of powerful coaching relationships is the most important quality of effective performance and interactions: High emotional intelligence quotient, or EQ. To increase one’s EQ, coaching needs to focus on four domains: self-awareness, social awareness, self-management and relationship management.