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Texas school district utilizes D-Link solutions

To enhance security, Joaquin ISD turned to D-Link to install surveillance cameras, networking gear and wireless infrastructure on its three campuses.

Less mineral revenue means less Wyoming education funding

Wyoming lawmakers likely will face tough choices in coming years over how to fund the state's K12 educational system because of falling mineral revenue. In the 2017-18 school year, the state's account for school construction will receive an estimated $137 million in revenue, while spending is projected at more than $510 million.

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New agreements inked with LMS, test prep app and assessment companies

OpenEd's online library of resources for K12 teachers has picked up new partnerships with learning management system companies Otus Learning Management Network and Atlas Learning, and Higher Learning Technology for its test prep apps.

Building boom hits California schools

A major construction boom is underway in public school districts across North San Diego County — thanks to hundreds of millions of dollars in bond revenue approved by voters in recent years.

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Nearly $400 million earmarked for construction in Texas district

Arlington's proposed 2015-16 district budget includes more than $395 million in construction funds to for two new elementary schools, a campuswide career and technical center, multipurpose activity centers at each high school and several other projects.

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Is special education racist?

More than six million children in the U.S. receive special-education services for their disabilities. Of those age 6 and older, nearly 20 percent are black. The real problem is that black children are underrepresented in special-education classes when compared with white children with similar levels of academic achievement, behavior and family economic resources.

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Nevada's new educational savings accounts are education's Wild West

Nevada is the new frontier for school choice, with a big opportunity to succeed or fail with its universal access and substantial funding levels. Whether $5,200 will provide equitable access, whether the supply side can create new quality schools, and whether parents can access quality information will be the factors that will significantly shape the market.

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Alma releases new standards tracker

Through the new standards tracking tool's intuitive, streamlined, color-coded interface, educators can plan and track the frequency of lessons taught and assessed against each standard, as well as measure proficiency levels by class.

Massachusetts district expanding elementary school report card pilot

The Worcester School Department plans to expand an electronic report card pilot program to eight new elementary schools next school year. The new digital model enables administrators and families to track students' records online while teachers can more easily submit grades.

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Utica district begins laying off educators to balance budget

Michigan's second largest school district, Utica Community Schools, will begin laying off more than 30 teachers as part of its budget balance plan that includes staff layoffs, the sale of vacant district property, the consolidation of bus routes and cuts in the district's alternative program.

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