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Amended bill would expand enrollment, funding for state-run district

A Tennessee bill that originally was about financial literacy was rewritten through an amendment that would allow the state’s Achievement School District to enroll out-of-zone students and charge charter schools an authorization fee.

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Florida bill seeks early school start date, uniformity

Worried the late Labor Day this year won't leave enough time for school districts to finish their fall curriculum, Florida lawmakers are seeking to amend a law so schools can get an early jump on the school year. The bill would also bring all of the state's school districts under the same standard.

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N.Y.'s charter schools downplay teacher inexperience amid strong performance

Many charter schools have a high number of teachers with little experience or instructors who are teaching outside of their certified subject areas, an analysis found. However, most of the charter schools with fewer teachers holding proper licenses and masters degrees still post higher scores on standardized tests than their district counterparts.

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Oregon school’s punishments for students upsets parents

A Portland elementary school has put an alternative discipline approach on hold after parents complained that it caused their kids to feel humiliated. While the district widely uses community-service discipline to give out chores that match a student's misbehavior, the methods in question have been temporarily put on hold at the K8 school in order to ensure it’s being used appropriately.

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Gloucester Township police, school board clash over school security

The future of the New Jersey district's school resource officer program remains uncertain amidst a simmering conflict between the board of education and municipality. The district is considering replacing two full-time police officers currently employed as school resource officers and two community education officers with a private security force.

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Colorado districts choose Enrich for special education programs

Boulder Valley, Cherry Creek and Poudre school districts have purchased Excent's Enrich, a web-based special needs software platform that provides compliance assurance and functionality, teacher ease of use, and an IT architecture designed for future special program needs.

myON adds content from Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

The four new digital packages — Picture Books, Award Winners, and Middle and High School packages — from Houghton Mifflin Harcourt are bring introduced to myON's Publisher Program.

New software installed to track HP educational devices

Absolute Software Corporation's Persistence technology will be installed in a new suite of HP’s mobile devices. With the technology installed, K12 districts will be able to track, manage and secure the HP devices. The new HP Education Edition tablets and notebook are specifically designed for classroom learning.

Barriers that keep poor kids out of school

Absenteeism matters. The reasons that children from low-income families miss more school are varied. These financial, medical, mental and health support problems are difficult to resolve taken one by one. But many could be avoided all together if there were a higher baseline of support offered to low income families.

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Schools hope changes in policy will bridge the 'discipline gap’

Some schools find that racial disparities in student discipline must be fixed before they can address any academic issues. One of the ways to help in this paradigm shift is to engage students, teachers and other school and community authority figures in trust-building relationships. Mutual respect between various parties fosters a more inclusive school and community discipline system.

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