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Wisconsin's other school voucher program

The state's college voucher system, which can serve as a model for the K12 version, has let the market work itself out; if people didn't think they were getting a great education at private colleges, they wouldn't attend them. The least we can do is give low-income children that choice.

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Grants for pre-K awarded to Maine school districts

The Maine Department of Education is awarding $14.8 million in grants to 13 school districts in order to expand access to public preschool programs that educators say enhance students’ likelihood of academic success.

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How a New York City school is fighting to stay diverse

To preserve a Brooklyn school's diversity, the community persuaded the city's department of education to try an experiment at P.S. 133: set aside 35 percent of the kindergarten seats each year for kids who receive free lunch and those who are learning English.

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Despite robust options, thousands pass on school choice lottery

While families gave several reasons they remain in city schools, a new study shows major disparities in which types of students in Connecticut's urban centers enter the school choice lottery and which do not. the families of students who speak limited English or had special education needs were significantly less likely to.

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At schools, discipline to girls differs between and within races

Compared with black boys, who are disciplined at higher rates than boys of other races and ethnicities, researchers say black girls tend to be penalized more subjectively, like for having a bad attitude or being defiant.

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Congress eases federal school lunch guidelines

A year-end spending bill released by Congress doesn't allow schools to opt out of the federal healthy lunch program but it would ease standards. The bill would reduce requirements for whole grains and suspend lower sodium standards that were supposed to go into effect in 2017.

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Giant touchscreens launched by InFocus

InFocus Corporation is adding 80-inch models to two of its giant touchscreen lines: JTouch display and BigTouch all-in-one PC.

New AEON 'edge-free' projection screen released

The Aeon Series is a fixed frame projection screen that uses Elite’s EDGE FREE technology with an internal frame.

New Jersey district's $85 million school plan passes

A controversial $85 million school proposal passed in a referendum by nearly 500 votes. A swift solution to overcrowded classrooms seemed to drive most of the affirming votes.

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Keystone Central School District selects InfoSnap

The Pennsylvania district will move to an online solution for registering new and returning students with its recent partnership with InfoSnap. The online solution will use SmartForm technology to collect relevant data based on previously entered information or choices.