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Despite settled law, schools still struggle to get religion right

We need to provide more teachers and administrators with in-service training by non-partisan, qualified experts on how to apply the religious-liberty principles of the First Amendment. After all, why waste money on lawyers and religious freedom or infringement lawsuits in schools that can be much better spent on innovative classroom resources, higher teachers’ salaries or new technology?

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School supply ‘lists’ go against guarantee of free education

The Idaho Constitution requires that public schools be free. But what does the word “free” mean? When a school presents a long list, including brand names, it becomes a requirement to conform, especially when the lists include materials that clearly stock school inventory for general classroom, not individual, use.

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10 big hurdles to identifying and educating the nation’s smartest kids

There are problems in how high-ability students are taught in the U.S., Europe and Asia. For example, U.S. federal and philanthropic efforts to improve schools have concentrated almost exclusively on low achievers and bringing them up. Our nation is also exceptionally bad at producing low-income high achievers.

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Ed tech companies to create adaptive learning experiences

As part of a new partnership to develop game-­based assessments and explore adaptivity in games, Muzzy Lane’s technology for game-­based learning will be combined with Knewton’s adaptive platform.

Athens City Schools takes lead in providing virtual school option to Alabama students

The school system is partnering with Fuel Education to provide its online course catalog, technology platform and tools to Athens Renaissance School, a new full-time online and blended public school for K12 students in Alabama. The courses that will be taught by both Athens City Schools teachers and FuelEd’s certified teachers.

Unlimited K12 content now available on-demand

Teachwise Inspire is a new platform for educators that provides members with unlimited access to tens of thousands of downloadable resources with Common Core alignment and detailed teacher reviews in addition to a library of professional development courses.

Real-world news program released

The Week in Rap Junior, a weekly program that engages elementary students in cross-curricular learning through age-appropriate news stories, introduces kindergarten through fifth-grader students to news videos, exercises and an interactive creative challenge each week.

California district's superintendent to leave

Rami Muth, superintendent of the Martinez USD since 2008, said she is resigning her post effective at the end of this school year in June 2016. Muth was hired as the district's curriculum director in 2006 after seven years with the Fairfield-Suisun USD.

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Stockbridge Valley Central Schools selects new superintendent

Cynthia Stocker has been appointed as superintendent of the New York school district, taking over from Interim Superintendent Michael Sandore. Stocker has been serving as assistant superintendent of the Central Valley CSD.

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Indiana principal named superintendent for W.Va. Schools for Deaf and Blind

The state Board of Education voted to name Martin Keller Jr. as the new superintendent for the West Virginia Schools for the Deaf and the Blind. He will replace Lynn Boyer, who announced her retirement earlier this year.

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