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New white paper from MIND Research Institute

MIND Research Institute released a new white paper, “Better Blends With Visual Game-Based Math.” Covering the benefits of a blended learning model for both teachers and students, the paper describes various ways MIND’s ST Math program can personalize digital learning while being part of a core mathematics curriculum.

Brain Parade releases update to autism learning application

An update to the company's See.Touch.Learn. Pro 3.0 iPad application has been launched. The visual learning and assessment tool now offers student data tracking, an automatic exercise generator and an interactive wizard that clearly demonstrates each feature of the app.

Chicago finds an extra $70 million for school budgets

While the city's public school officials continue to say there will be a budget crisis until pension reform is achieved, the district said cost-cutting and a one-time accounting maneuver will provide an additional $70 million for school budgets in the coming year.

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Newark, N.J., building three new schools

Newark will soon start the construction of three Newark schools that have been in development for years. The new construction is in addition to money pledged for repairing other city schools.

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Mobile apps move K12

School administrators are using mobile software applications to remain highly productive no matter where they are. These same apps also are making it easier to create learning communities where leaders can share a wide range of information with other districts.

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Career frontiers: Voc-tech moves into the future

Career technology programs have evolved far beyond traditional woodworking, cosmetology and automotive mechanics classes of the last century. Today's students are building drones, designing robots and developing solar power.

Start effective sex education before college

Sex education designed to intimidate students into complying with a set of rules and morals is destined to fail. An honest, informative approach to sex education needs to be instituted at an earlier age in order to adequately prepare young people to make informed decisions in college.

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More money to prepare Alabama students for growing construction industry

Alabama contractors, in looking for skilled workers, are interested in building the industry from the ground up by starting to work with high school students. Additional funding is now available for high school programs to give students on the job training.

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The Business Of: Food Services

For some districts, the best way to please students and thereby increase participation is to maintain total control and keep all food service operations in-house. But some districts find outsourcing necessary to save money.

Georgia city system to borrow $18 million

Decatur's board voted to borrow $18 million for school construction projects. Under the proposed certificates of participation (COPS) financing agreement, the system would transfer title for three elementary schools to the Georgia Municipal Association and then sign a lease agreement to use the buildings.

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