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Learning First Alliance Authors FRONTLINE's 'Middle School Moment' Discussion Guide

The Learning First Alliance (LFA), a partnership of 16 leading education associations with more than 10 million members dedicated to improving student learning in America's public schools, was chosen by FRONTLINE, a production of WGBH, Boston, to author a community screening guide for their segment,Middle School Moment.

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Brutal Hazing Ritual Leads to Arrests, Protests at LA School

A high school soccer team in California has come under fire after allegations that new players were sexually assaulted with a javelin-like poles during out-of-control hazing rituals, authorities say.

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High School Grads Lack Skills for College, Reports Say

More than half of 2012 high school graduates who took a college entrance exam did not have all of the skills they will need to succeed in college, or a career, a pair of recent reports conclude.

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Springtown ISD (Texas) School OKs Opposite Sex Spankings

A Texas school district Springtown ISD has decided to change its corporal punishment policy rather than apologize after a male vice principal paddled two high school girls, prompting complaints from their parents.

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Military Leaders Blame School Vending Machines in U.S. Fat Fight

Former U.S. military leaders have identified a latent threat to the potential for a leaner, more agile fighting force: the school vending machine.

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R.I. School Committee Seeks to End Banned Father-Daughter Dance

A Cranston (R.I.) District Committee has unanimously approved a resolution asking lawmakers to modify a state law to allow father-daughter and mother-son events at schools.

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Assessment Tools for School Wellness

Survey for principals: a checklist examining food and physical activity wellness policies at the school level

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School Choice: Boston Public Schools Proposes Five Options

Officials from the Boston Public School Department presented five different plans to address the issue of school choice in the city. All the proposals would mark a significant change for JP residents

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