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New Bluetooth keyboard launched by Califone

Califone International LLC's latest Bluetooth keyboard, the KB4, will feature a compact, lightweight design for easy portability and flexible classroom use. The KB4 charges in four hours, and is operational for up to 44 uninterrupted hours.

School bus routes must be designed to save lives, not fuel

Distraction, miscommunication of hand signals, poor visibility, slick roads and other variables may be in play when children cross a road to get on the bus. Levying stronger punishments can't correct for human error, only a system change will. Bus routes can be arranged to pick up and drop off children on the door side only.

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A framework for preventing lethal school violence

Any realist admits that we're not going to succeed in "stopping" school violence because doing so is too high of an expectation. However, if prevention, awareness and effective threat assessment in schools are integral parts of our dialogue, then we might be as close as we can get to cessation.

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Texas House approves heart exams for high school athletes

The Texas House gave preliminary approval to HB 767, which requires students to receive an electrocardiogram (EKG) before they can play high school sports. The new legislation adds an EKG test to student athletes' required health assessments before the first and third year of participation.

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Latest round of Florida's computerized school testing goes 'smoothly'

Florida school districts resumed computerized testing this week without a hitch. The issues that plagued students as they took the Florida Standards Assessments writing exams a month ago — such as not being able to log in or being knocked out of tests — did not recur.

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Ohio school board voted down the '5 of 8' rule

The state school board voted to eliminate the so-called "5 of 8" rule that sets the minimum number of school nurses, librarians, counselors and arts teachers that school districts must have. It will now be up to each local school board how many of those positions they want to have at their schools.

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Reduced-price school lunches could be free to Oregon students

Approximately 30,000 more Oregon school children could have access to free school lunches starting with the 2015-16 school year. A new appropriations bill will provide $2.4 million to fund the mandate that school districts provide free lunches to students who are eligible for reduced-price lunches.

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Spokane schools begin enforcing state vaccine law

Spokane Public Schools kept true to its promise to pull students from class who aren't compliant with Washington's vaccine laws this week. It is state law that schools require vaccinations or a waiver signed by parents excusing their children from getting shots. Those who don't have either on file are listed as non-compliant.

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Plea deals could limit prison time for Atlanta educators in cheating scandal

Ten former Atlanta public school educators, convicted earlier this month of racketeering in one of the largest U.S. test-cheating scandals, should consider plea deals or face significantly more time behind bars, a judge said.

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From Audrie Pott suicide, questions about how best to help teens

High-schooler Audrie Pott killed herself after three boys sexually assaulted her. Her parents have worked to turn the tragedy of their daughter’s suicide into hope for reform. At least two of the boys have agreed to talk to teens to help promote change as part of a settlement, but that could pose problems, experts say.

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