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What you need to know about ‘deeper learning’

“Deeper learning” is an education buzzword taking hold in education circles, and could be another term for “21st century learning” and “personalized learning” in a list of trendy ideas to improve U.S. schools. But given new research claiming the method raises achievement and graduation rates, should administrators pay attention?

New York's distribution of school aid to be examined

U.S. Department of Education officials have granted a year-old request from the Middletown and Schenectady districts to investigate whether New York's school aid system shortchanges districts with large minority populations.

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Teachers drive their own PD in Edcamp movement

If today’s students are expected to direct their own learning, teachers have to be prepared to do the same. That’s the philosophy behind Edcamp, an international network of free, one-day “unconferences” where agendas and sessions aren’t determined until educators arrive in the morning and suggest topics.

Princeton Public Schools signs for Sunesys services

Sunesys, LLC announced a turn-up of SunIP Internet connectivity and transport solution for New Jersey's Princeton school district to two Northeast-based backup data centers in New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

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Republicans to push NCLB in 2015

The future of No Child Left Behind and charter schools are among the key K12 issues that the new Republican-controlled Congress expects to tackle in 2015. Rep. Lamar Alexander, the incoming education committee chairman, has vowed to lessen federal government’s role in education.

Kickboard releases parent-student portal

A new instructional management solution, the Parent Student Portal, has been added to Kickboard's product offerings. The portal provides real-time updates about students’ course grades, missed assignments, merits and demerits and more to parents and students via a computer or mobile device.

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Districts devise solutions for influx of immigrant students

Districts have created transition schools where immigrant students can focus on English skills and receive mental health care, but problems persist with overcrowded classrooms and lack of language services.

Students and teachers on same classroom technology page, study finds

Students and teachers may not always see eye-to-eye, but they’re in agreement when it comes to technology in the classroom: more is better, according to new CompTIA research. Three-quarters of educators see positive effects of technology. Nine in 10 students say the use of technology in the classroom will be important in helping them get jobs.

Programmable robot platform released by iRobot

iRobot Corp. updated its STEM outreach program, including launching Create 2. The preassembled robot platform is based off the company’s Roomba to give educators, students and developers robotic programming experience. iRobot also unveiled online resources, including 3D printable files for new parts and faceplate drilling projects.

Connecticut awarded $3.5 million in school safety grants

The state has won a $3.3 million School Climate Transformation grant and a School Emergency Management grant worth nearly $300,000 from the U.S. Department of Education. The School Climate Transformation grant will help the state expand its current infrastructure for supporting effective positive behavior practices.

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