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A new national spotlight on local school boards

School board elections are usually sleepy affairs with miniscule budgets that don’t attract much of the electorate. But as federal and state governments become more polarized and gridlocked, local municipal and school board races such as those in Colorado's Jefferson County are increasingly attractive to large national donors looking to make political points.

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Senate bill will affect oversight of N.C. charter schools

A bill rolled out in the North Carolina Senate Education Committee would transfer oversight of the Charter School Advisory Board from the hands of the state Department of Public Instruction to the control of the State Board of Education and would eliminate the governor's power to appoint the chairman of the advisory board.

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Let secondary students sleep in, start elementaries earlier, panel says

Seattle high schools and middle schools should start at least an hour later than they do now, and most elementary schools should start 90 minutes sooner. The committee's recommendations would cost an estimated $3 million for busing.

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Chicago Board of Education votes to approve $1.2 billion in borrowing

The city’s newly constituted school board authorized up to $1.2 billion in long-term bonds so the district can pay for ongoing capital projects, fees on past borrowing and some costs of refinancing old debt.

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Proficiency deficiencies in rewrite of No Child Left Behind

The federal government has a constitutional duty to construct uniform weights and measures. To do so for K12 education, it doesn't need to impose the same standards and tests on all the states, it just needs to devote the resources to make the data we already have comparable.

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Why a school name matters

Renaming a school isn’t as simple as scrubbing away letters on a sign. It demands that we take another look at who we honor and why. How much of our ugly history do we want to erase? And what does that mean? This should be a public process that allows residents to wrestle with the history of racism in America.

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Auditor general to investigate Pennsylvania district's charter school deal

An upcoming state audit of the Allentown School District will include a review of the district's charter school approval process and real estate lease arrangements following questions about an agreement with a developer.

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PA Cyber Charter School restructuring to save $12 million

In the face of declining enrollment, the school is eliminating 43 positions and undergoing a restructuring effort that includes renegotiating external contracts, consolidation of internal and external operational functions, and an adjustment in its instructional model.

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How freshman seminars can help students starting the ninth grade

Going from middle to high school can be a major adjustment for students. To help students navigate their new experiences, schools are beginning to offer courses, and in some cases, mentoring, to help them make the transition from middle school to the ninth grade.

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Blackboard unveils the New Learning Experience

The education approach features a portfolio of digital teaching, learning and other solutions that includes data and analytics capabilities, the SchoolWire content management system, the mobile ParentLink for community engagement, the Connect notification system and the Sociability social media management tool.