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Fortifying school data backups

From hurricanes to software viruses to accidental keystrokes, many dangers threaten to corrupt school district data or impede access to it. New devices and lower-priced cloud offerings mean districts no longer have to trade access for cost when backing up critical information. 

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Watch live streams from the Alabama Educational Technology Association symposium

District Administration will live-stream two key sessions from the Alabama Educational Technology Association's 16th annual Fall Symposium on Sept. 28 and 29. In sessions led by thought leaders Scott Smith and Beatriz Arnillas, viewers will discover new ideas and techniques related to the effective and equitable use of educational technology.

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DA’s annual Education Outlook survey

How will the major trends in education affect school districts in 2016? How will new standards, technology and changing demographics impact success? We want your opinion—please follow the link to participate in the 10-question, 5-minute survey. Results will be published in our January 2016 Look Ahead edition and online. 

What would school have to be like for every kid to want to be there?

Children of course have to master the academic curriculum. But for some the route to mastery may come through their stronger intelligences in the arts, athletics, mechanics or social skills. Children, like adults, will work hard at things that engage their aptitudes, interests and aspirations. Could we build a school system that at least for part of each day engages these attributes?

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School choice can help Kentucky compete

For Kentucky’s middle- and low-income families who lack the means to move or go private, school choice is not an option. A family’s income or ZIP code should not dictate their children’s future. Middle- and low-income students should have the same opportunities as their more affluent peers.

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What kinds of homework seem to be most effective?

Experts agree that homework should generally be about reinforcing what students learned in class (this is especially true in math). Sometimes it can — and should — be used to introduce new material, but here’s where so many horror stories begin.

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New do-it-yourself authoring tools for game-based learning and assessment

Designed to be mobile first, Muzzy Lane Author puts the ability to create and maintain content directly into the hands of experts who know their subjects best. Games created with Muzzy Lane Author help assess whether students can apply what they’ve learned.

Collaboration to address challenges of first-generation college students

UBS committed $2 million to launch The TalentED Project, a new initiative aimed at increasing college success through strategic partnerships with the Tennessee College Access & Success Network and Discovery Education. The portal pilot will begin in October, connecting college admissions officers with college access professionals to best match students to colleges.

Georgia district expands learning districtwide

Marietta City Schools and Discovery Education expanded their 15-year partnership. The district will provide students districtwide access to Discovery Education’s Science Techbook series.

Partnership to bring spoken English language learning technologies to students

With Carnegie ESL, Carnegie’s proprietary technologies include real-time voice analysis of 110 native languages ensuring that each learner, regardless of where they are from, has individualized, adaptive ESL program. Carnegie ESP, or Early Speech Program, provides a program for students in K-5 who only visit school speech pathologists and language therapists 1-2 times per week.