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Movement revolution needed for healthy kids

In order to comply with impending Oregon regulations, we need to change the way we look at physical activity and kids. It is not some frill compared with core education activities. It should be a high-­priority activity, and an action item for communities.

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Florida district partners to boost language development

Alachua County Public Schools has signed an agreement to deploy Scientific Learning Corp.'s Fast ForWord and Reading Assistant online programs in 10 schools to help students improve their language, literacy and reading skills.

Don’t block teachers from right to work

At least 145 school districts, including some of Michigan’s largest, passed contracts that extended years into the future, delaying the full impact of the law aimed at giving workers a choice on union membership. Unions will have to look beyond blocking right to work to hold on to their members.

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Software Answers launches ProgressBook VirtualClassroom

ProgressBook VirtualClassroom is an e-learning management system that gives teachers the ability to create standards-aligned content, collaborate with curriculum teams to co-author content, and share content districtwide.

ParentSquare adds analytics to help schools measure parent engagement

The new ParentSquare analytics dashboard is designed to help administrators see, track and enhance parental reach, engagement and participation.

Atlanta to begin school bus safety enforcement effort

The Georgia city is partnering with its school system to install external cameras on school buses to catch motorists who illegally pass stopped buses. The city government will pay for the adjudication of disputed citations while Atlanta Public Schools will handle installation and maintenance costs.

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Lawyer plays hardball with Calif. school districts over P.E. requirement

Three dozen California school districts are looking to settle an unprecedented class-action lawsuit over the time students spend in gym class — a battle that has cost taxpayers $1.1 million in fees paid to an Albany attorney, in addition to untold millions in legal costs incurred by the districts.

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Nevada teachers could be reimbursed for school supplies

A proposed bill, which received its first hearing before the Senate Committee on Education, would deposit $2.5 million into a statewide reimbursement account that would only reimburse teachers for necessary student supplies.

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New funding system for school construction proposed

California's legislative analyst proposed a new system for funding school facilities: grants to districts based on enrollment. The grants would be adjusted depending on local resources. The state would require schools to adopt five-year accountability plans.

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Sharp rise in occupational therapy cases at New York’s schools

Over the last four years, New York City public schools have seen a 30 percent increase in the number of students referred to occupational therapy, to nearly 42,000 students. The city covers the cost, which at $58 million a year is up from $38 million just five years ago.

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