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Ala. county school officials announce $350 million capital needs plan

The Baldwin County school board has identified $350 million in capital needs over the next decade, and will ask voters to go to the polls in March to approve an 8-mill tax increase to help fund it.

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Nebraska group debuts gang intervention initiative

Impact One has organized a new in-school gang intervention program called “School Changers.” The group has teamed with three schools — Omaha North, Omaha South High School and Blackburn High School to identify the highest-risk youth, potential gang leaders, and pay them to change.

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Hundreds of Colorado high school students refuse to take state tests

Thousands of high school seniors from Boulder to the Denver suburbs are skipping new state-mandated science and social studies tests, the latest flare-up in an escalating battle over Colorado's standardized tests. The no-shows in some of the state's highest-performing and wealthiest districts come amid growing anxiety about overtesting.

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Student's protest sparks debate over weighing at school

An Iowa student's refusal to be weighed sparked a weight-related debate and prompted the school district to suspend weighing students as part of a measure to determine their body mass index, a common health assessment tool in schools across the country.

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Maryland high schools unsafe for LGBT students, study says

LGBT high school students in Maryland constantly hear derogatory remarks and are often verbally, physically and sexually harassed and assaulted by their classmates, according to a 2013 survey of LGBT secondary students. Fewer than half report the abuse.

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Second virtual charter school approved in Maine

The Maine Charter School Commission approved Maine Virtual Academy, the state’s second virtual charter school. The school, which will contract with K12 Inc., will enable students to take courses online and communicate with teachers through email, phone calls and online meetings.

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E-cigarette use among U.S. teens is on the rise

The use of e-cigarettes is growing, according to a new report from the CDC. High school students that reported using an e-cigarette within the last 30 days has increased from 2.8 percent in 2012 to 4.5 percent in 2013.

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Even in high school sports, it can be all about the money

Any system expanded so far that it provides post-season opportunities to any team has gone too far. A winless playoff team helps expose the absurdity of the high school football system in New Jersey, but the mismatches we are seeing are also dangerous, leading not only to embarrassment but a greater likelihood of injuries.

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Education on the cheap in Alabama

Smart advocates urge the state board and lawmakers to see Alabama’s schools as a garden needing cultivation — with money, resources and personnel. Yes, that’s expensive. But Alabama’s historic tendency to pay for education on the cheap has proven to be a fallacy that fails the state and its children. It doesn’t work.

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Inventor and InventHelp design learning tool for early readers

A Tennessee inventor and InventHelp created a learning tool for early readers to encourage reading literacy. The EASY READER helps readers focus, track words and keep their place as they read. The invention features a fun and practical design that is easy to use by children, parents, teachers and librarians.