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New Jersey high school computer science program wins grant

A state grant of $600,000 has been approved for a Delaware Valley High School program that allows students to explore different areas of computer science, including simulation and modeling, cyber security and robotics artificial intelligence.

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Teachers can discourage girls from studying math

Girls who had a biased teacher in primary school were less likely to continue with math and science in high school. Even at early stages, primary school teachers give their students a powerful sense of who’s good at what. If they treat girls and boys equally, they can help give them an equal chance in math and science.

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Mo. elementary schools have highest rate of suspending black children

Missouri has the greatest disparity between how often black and white students get out-of-school suspension for infractions. In addition, black elementary school children are more likely to be suspended in Missouri than in any other state, according to a new Center for Civil Rights Remedies at UCLA study.

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School food scrap compost program expands in Maryland county

Howard County is expanding its elementary school composting program to include a middle school. Since the Pointers Run Elementary School program began in August, the school has composted four tons of food waste.

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Colorado school district asks for school testing waiver

The Windsor-Severance RE 4 School District board voted to request a waiver from the Colorado State Board of Education that would let it opt out of new tests. The idea is to eliminate school testing such as the PARCC and CMAS tests for rural areas, where turnaround for results and similar tests have many questioning the need.

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Trenton school staff speak out against layoffs, budget cuts

Hundreds of the New Jersey city's teachers and school district employees asked the city school board to put a stop to budget cuts that would eliminate 250-350 positions to help close a $19 million anticipated budget gap in the 2015-16 school year.

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Arkansas lawmakers on cursive writing bill

A bill passed mandating all schools teach cursive writing. The debate over Common Core continues during the spring legislative session in Arkansas. At one time all schools in the state taught cursive writing, but Common Core standards don't require schools to teach cursive anymore.

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Michigan district to seek $175 million school tax

Grand Rapids Public Schools will ask voters to support a 30-year tax proposal totaling about $175 million for building construction, technology and security. Half of the $175 million would go toward completely renovating the high schools while technology and security are expected to be up to $20 million of the bond.

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School background check bill advances in Vermont

The House Education Committee passed a bill that would require the disclosure of an applicant’s entire criminal history — instead of just certain felony-level offenses — to provide school officials with more information about a prospective employee’s criminal background.

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Schoology to power new online arts curriculum

Henry Mancini Arts Education, a new interactive curriculum created by Lincoln Park Performing Arts Center and its partners, contains 3,000 online dance, music, theatre and visual arts lessons delivered via digital platforms. Available in Fall 2015, the middle and high school lessons will be accessed through the Schoology learning management system.