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Asking edtech vendors the tough questions

While technology infiltrates every aspect of K12 operations, CIOs must negotiate with various vendors to ensure students and educators can make the most out of new software and hardware. Here, tech experts provide key questions for CIOs to ask vendors.

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Is healthcare required for full-time substitute teachers?

School districts beware: Labor attorney sees signals that the IRS intends to force schools to treat genuine substitutes as full-time to perhaps reduce the incentive to hire more subs and fewer regular teachers.

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Maximizng your education apps

Getting the right education apps into classrooms isn’t as easy as reading reviews, doing a quick download and making a link available to staff.

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How schools create homeschool connections

Driven by a commitment to serve all students, or by a desire to maximize state funding, some districts are offering families that educate their children at home everything from free computers to curricular guidance.

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Unique twists on school wellness

Students ease stress with stretches in school yoga sessions. In another district, students eat vegetables they’ve grown in a school garden. Elsewhere, more students eat healthy breakfasts they’ve grabbed from convenient to-go carts. This kind of innovation is evident across the country, as district leaders find new ways to promote health and wellness.

Fifth year of high school is a financial problem for Oregon

Only 26 out of nearly 200 Oregon school districts currently offer the free program to send fifth-year students to local community colleges. If all Oregon high school seniors had participated, they’d have cost the state around $1 billion. The program is simply unaffordable.

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Receivership offers hope for New York students in failing schools

Something had to be done to force improvements on the state’s worst-performing schools or students would continue to be penalized by leaders who can’t get the job done. The decision to institute a school receivership program should serve notice to those running failing schools that there is little time left for them to make dramatic changes.

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Keeping better tabs on California's education funding

One of Gov. Jerry Brown's most dramatic accomplishments has been his reform of the way California allocates money to public schools. But the state needs better, independent oversight of how the money is spent. The entire funding system should be assessed in several years to see whether it is bringing about better results.

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New lab book from Vernier integrates data-collection technology

The new Vernier Chemistry Investigations for use with AP Chemistry lab book from Vernier Software & Technology provides 16 student-directed, inquiry-based laboratory investigations.

Edsby adds integration with Google Apps for Education

When combined with Edsby's learning management system, schools will have access to Google Apps for Education's social feed-like features for every class taught, group discussions, attendance and much more with single sign-on and integration between the two cloud-based solutions.