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Innovative bill to save tiny school passes committee

A plan to save the St. Francis Elementary School by combining classes and elderly assisted living under one roof is aimed at preventing Maine's School Administrative District 27 from shutting down the tiny school because of declining enrollments and rising education costs.

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Oregon Senate OKs bill limiting discipline of disruptive grade school students

Under a new bill, Oregon elementary schools would be barred from suspending or expelling students for causing repeated disruption or other minor disciplinary problems. The policy takes aim at disciplinary tactics that some schools may disproportionately use against minority students and students with disabilities.

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With TEAMS launch, El Paso ISD enrolls 40,000 students online

The Texas district successfully enrolled two-thirds of its student population online during the initial implementation phase of Prologic Technology Systems, Inc.'s TEAMS Online Student Registration & Enrollment System. El Paso ISD will continue the rollout by conducting a series of computer literacy classes for parents.

Senators to update education law

Two key senators have announced a bipartisan agreement on rewriting the No Child Left Behind education law. Students would still take annual tests. But states would have more control over how the results are used to scrutinize schools.

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Maine high school graduation rate shows slight improvement

Maine’s high school graduation rate increased slightly to 86.5 percent for 2013-14, and remains in the top 10 states in the nation. The state ranks sixth for its limited English proficiency graduation rate and 12th for its economically disadvantaged student graduation rate.

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Public boarding school as a solution for Detroit's students

Adding something truly radical to the mix just might help improve the entire effort to make a better living-and-learning environment for Detroit Public Schools’ students. For kids in enormous need of a stable, sustaining home environment that encourages good learning, a public boarding school model might make all the difference in the world.

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Dueling over guns in Florida's schools

One can oppose the guns-in-school campaign while still supporting the Second Amendment right to arms. Reasonable limits on where people can carry weapons do not jeopardize the right to own guns. Politicians who want to soften gun-control laws keep running up against school officials and law enforcement professionals who will have to deal with the consequences.

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'Opting out' into school choice

Fundamentally, the call for opt-outs is a call for more parental freedom. It may well be that test-based accountability has run its course in public education. If so, the opt-out movement ironically fueled by self-interested teachers unions — may be pointing us to what’s next: a lot more choice and unbundling of services in public education.

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School safety zones unconstitutionally barred sex offenders from half of Grand Rapids

A restriction prohibiting sex offenders from living or working within 1,000 feet of schools made a patchwork path of nearly half of Michigan's Grand Rapids off-limits to people on a statewide registry. A federal judge in Detroit has ruled that the "geographic exclusion zones" are unconstitutional.

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Texas House attempts ambitious school funding fix

A sweeping House proposal would increase per-pupil funding by $3 billion for 94 percent of the state’s 5.2 million public school students — with some school districts in wealthy areas, or those not currently collecting local property taxes at high enough rates, virtually the only ones left out.

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