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Changing focus school transfer lottery could boost diversity in Oregon city

Changing the lottery system that determines which students get into Portland Public Schools’ focus option programs could significantly promote equality and diversity and strengthen neighborhood schools that have struggled with low enrollment, according to the city's Advisory Committee for Enrollment and Transfer.

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L.A. school district will double staff helping with iPad rollout

In response to problems with providing iPads to the district, the Los Angeles school system will double the number of people who will help with technical and instructional issues. The technical assistance this year will involve about 120 employees at a cost of about $3.9 million to the general fund and about $5.3 million charged to school construction bonds.

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PublicSchoolWORKS' safety suite implemented in N.Y. district

To help manage safety compliance tasks, staff training, accident management and risk prevention, Otsego Northern Catskill BOCES has implemented PublicSchoolWORKS EmployeeSafe Suite.

SPARK works out with Oregon school district

David Douglas School District in Portland has adopted SPARK, made possible through a Kaiser Permanente Thriving Schools grant. The district will be integrating high-intensity and inclusive activities from SPARK’s K-2, 3-6 and Middle School Physical Education Programs as well as teacher training sessions.

Pearson and LearnSprout collaborate to deliver new insights

LearnSprout has joined Pearson’s PowerSchool independent software vendor partner program to offer student engagement and performance insights. PowerSchool Student Information System administrators will now be able to identify historical trends in attendance and spot chronically absent students in addition to monitoring with college-readiness tracking tools.

Pa. Senate's stab at property tax reform isn't fooling anyone

Getting spending under control is the first step of meaningful change for property taxpayers, and pension reform is a big part of that. Until the Legislature shows the courage to put pensions on a sustainable path and tackles the school funding formula, all reform talk is idle talk.

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Florida violating class-size limits rules

Elected officials should properly fund schools so that they can meet constitutional rules for class size. Teachers say that failure to follow the law makes it more difficult to reach and teach all students. They are concerned about the safety of their students and they say the larger class sizes lead to more misbehavior and inappropriate student interaction.

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Teacher pensions still need reforming

Two years ago, the Michigan Legislature had the opportunity to turn around the state's fragile retirement system for public school employees. But lawmakers stopped short of making meaningful reform that would fix the system for good. A new push to revisit teacher pensions deserves attention.

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Utah bill to require high school students to pass civics test to graduate

Utah legislators and business leaders announced an education initiative designed to create more civically informed high school graduates. The Utah Civics Education Initiative bill would have high school students pass a U.S. civics test in order to qualify for graduation or an equivalent.

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Florida court clears way for virtual school legal fight

Refereeing a fight in the online-education world, the state Supreme Court said Florida Virtual School can pursue a lawsuit alleging trademark infringement by a private competitor. Justices rejected arguments that only the Florida Department of State can sue to protect trademarks of the state virtual school.

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