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Education groups contend that N.Y. owes districts $5.9 billion

Although New York spends the most per capita in the nation on its schools, the Alliance for Quality Education and other education groups charge that New York hasn't upheld a 2006 court order to increase aid to schools by $5.5 billion by 2011 and has also not repaid schools for cuts made during the recession.

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A lack of respect for North Carolina teachers

In the recently passed 2014-2015 state budget, state lawmakers' efforts have been focused on raising the salary for beginning teachers while leaving experienced teachers out of the picture. As in most professions, the workers with the most experience tend to be the best and most valued employees. The state has put forth very little incentive to keep experienced teachers in the classroom.

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My Dino companion for kids launched

Tiltan Games announced a new educational initiative for preschool, pre-K and kindergarten. Available on iOS and Android, My Dino companion introduces new concepts to young kids at their own pace with a dinosaur avatar and activities.

N.J.'s board of education changes teacher evaluation formula

The New Jersey State Board of Education took the first formal step to modify the teacher evaluation process to reduce the importance of student test scores for the upcoming school year. The proposed changes are in response to teachers' outcry that their evaluations will be based on scores of a new and unproven computer-based test that will be given to students this spring.

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Oklahoma school district moving to 4-day school week

Teachers and students in Washington County's district will be on a new schedule, with longer days Monday through Thursday and Fridays off. The superintendent first thought of the idea, not necessarily as a money-saving measure, but rather as a hiring perk for new teachers.

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Texas district partners with state university for STEM Academy

Arlington's school district is partnering with the University of Texas at Arlington to set up a free, dual-credit academy for seventh- and eighth-grade students who want to study STEM. The STEM Academy will open at one of the district's high schools in August 2015.

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Balanced calendar saves money and keeps kids motivated

Despite the challenges, the successes that two Michigan elementary schools are having with the balanced calendar is attracting attention from parents in neighboring districts as well. The different schedule does require some adjustments, especially when planning vacations and arranging child care during the year.

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Maryland school district to monitor students' social media

Washington County's public school district will be one of only four in the nation to use special software to track students' social media posts with the idea to keep students safe. Any public post to a social media site on school grounds in Washington County will be run through a new system and checked for certain flag words.

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Senkatel releases purpose-built education Chromebook

Senkatel Corporation introduced its first purpose-built Google Chromebook with design features and internet-accessible software applications targeting the K12 education market. Senkatel, in collaboration with Intel Education Solutions, now offers Intel processor-based Google Android OS education tablets and a ruggedized Chromebook.

Alaska district superintendent accepts university position

Steve Atwater spent five years with the Kenai Peninsula Borough School District, including his final role as superintendent. He is leaving to become an associate vice president with the University of Alaska in charge of K12 outreach.

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