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Pro-charter school group gives Ohio low marks

A national group that promotes tax-funded, privately operated charter schools, gave Ohio low marks for its state laws and policies allowing the growth of the alternative public schools. Center for Education Reform's report ranked Ohio 28 out of the 42 states and District of Columbia that allow charter schools.

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Education is not great equalizer for African Americans

Gaps in wealth, not in education, between black and white families may be the most powerful force locking Americans into their social class. Black Americans with college degrees have less in savings and other assets than white Americans who dropped out of high school.

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Increasing student voice in local school districts

Beyond the value of teaching democracy by practicing it and developing leaders by giving them a leadership role, the exclusion of students in districtwide and schoolwide decision-making is pragmatically unsound. Our efforts to educate them would benefit from including the voices of these students.

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Student absences require creative school response

A proposed Maine bill would allow school districts to lower the mandatory attendance age from 7 to 5. It gives schools the power to step in on behalf of its youngest students before a truancy pattern develops. But for it to be effective, schools have to collect and monitor real-time data on attendance, so they can identify at-risk students and respond quickly.

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Hoover school officials seek state opinion on release of payroll records

District officials are asking the Alabama attorney general for an opinion as to whether the Hoover school board has to release individual employees' payroll records when salary schedules are available and employees object.

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New hip-hop physics educational series comes to N.J. middle schools

Honeywell and NASA's hip-hop physics education program, FMA Live! Forces in Motion, is making its way to New Jersey's middle schools this spring. The show is an interactive, traveling hip-hop concert that uses music videos and interactive scientific demonstrations to teach and inspire students to pursue careers in STEM.

Landmark school finance bill clears Kansas Legislature

The Kansas Senate voted to replace the existing school funding formula with block grants for the next two years while lawmakers craft a new method for funding schools. The bill is likely to face a challenge in the courts from plaintiffs challenging the adequacy and equality of school funding.

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Module integration services presented by Hayes Software Systems

Hayes Software Systems now offers data integration services between a district’s chosen ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system and the company’s own TIPWeb inventory management platform to avoid duplicating data input and provide better data transparency.

Move to Learn activities debuted by Gryphon House Inc.

Gryphon House Inc. released the Move to Learn: Integrating Movement into the Early Childhood Curriculum. It helps educators turn their classrooms into environments that encourage movement activities throughout the early childhood curricula.

Fuel Education expands high school course catalog

Seventy new high school courses have been added to Fuel Education's online catalog for the 2015-16 school year. The courses, which are designed to be used in class, at home, in a blended program, or in a fully online environment, are now available in core, comprehensive, honors and AP levels, plus remediation and credit recovery.