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Computer glitch leads to misallocation of millions for Iowa school projects

A computer programming error caused the Iowa Department of Revenue to misallocate more than $9 million in sales taxes to be used for school infrastructure projects. School districts in high-retail, metro areas were shorted dollars, while districts in rural areas received more money than they should have.

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Tackling truancy

District leaders across the country are broadening and personalizing their approaches to attendance because the old way of sending truants and their families to court often fails to bring students back to school.

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Life lessons light up science education

From designing more creative and flexible science classrooms to developing community service projects that engage girls in STEM, this year’s National Science Teachers Association conference in March is all about K12 students connecting learning to the real world.

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How schools lock down student data

The increasing shift to online learning and collaboration has created new concerns around student privacy. Keeping data as secure in the cloud as it would be in a locked file cabinet requires communication, diligence and strong policies.

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A-bomb project inspires STEM in Tennessee town

Oak Ridge Schools Superintendent Bruce Borchers has worked with his board and administrators, and partnered with local businesses, to create a multifaceted program to bolster STEM education. His city was founded by the U.S. government in 1943 as a secret production site for the Manhattan Project and is steeped in technology to this day.

Indiana partners with myON for migrant education program

The Indiana Department of Education announced a partnership with myON to make thousands of titles available to students taking part in Indiana’s Migrant Education Program.

North Carolina school system chooses Raptor Technologies

Rowan-Salisbury School System in North Carolina has selected Raptor Technologies to install a new visitor management software in its 35 elementary, middle and high schools.

Lockdown Solutions, Inc. introduces PALS

Portable Affordable Lockdown System (PALS), a classroom security solution, can be applied in seconds, stopping an assailant from entering a classroom until law enforcement arrives.

San Francisco USD seeks record requests for district space from charter schools

San Francisco's real estate boom has enveloped housing and commercial properties for years. But now at least one set of schools may be reeling from the effects of the soaring real estate prices in The City: charter schools.

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Should schools teach personality?

Self-control, curiosity, “grit” — these qualities may seem more personal than academic, but at some schools, they’re now part of the regular curriculum. Some researchers say personality could be even more important than intelligence when it comes to students’ success in school. But critics worry that the increasing focus on qualities like grit will distract policy makers from problems with schools.

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