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Rocketship gets OK to open 10th school in Santa Clara County

Overruling a local school board's objections, the California county's board of education approved a new Rocketship charter school in San Jose. The Franklin-McKinley district had rejected Rocketship's application after only being able to verify 4 percent of parent signatures submitted, far short of the signatures representing 50 percent of projected enrollment as required by state law.

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Committee approves bill limiting charter school expansion in Rhode Island

The Senate Committee on Education dealt a blow to charter schools by approving a bill that imposes a moratorium on charter expansions and requires town council approval before any new charter can go forward.

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Suggested overhaul to Pa. school funding formula made public

Pennsylvania’s public school funding formula will most likely undergo an overhaul based on commission recommendations to take into account charter schools and each district’s tax base. A new factor will go beyond accounting for the percentage of poorer students to adjust for the level and concentration of poverty in a school district.

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Recession slammed a 4-year brake on U.S. school spending

U.S. spending on public schools grew more slowly from 2009 to 2013 than at any time during the preceding two decades, new data from the Census Bureau shows. Spending on schools rose by only about 0.5 percent a year on average through 2013 while per-student spending on U.S. schools grew an average of 5 percent a year.

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Governor signs $54.5-billion budget in Michigan

Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder signed a $54.5-billion state budget that includes modest spending increases for education. The lowest-funded school districts in the state will get an increase of $140 per pupil, while the highest funded districts will receive around $70 more per student.

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Support strong for $23.4 million in school construction for Miss. district

Teachers and others in the Neshoba County School District continue to voice support for $23.4 million in construction funding approved for a new high school and football stadium, among other facilities on newly purchased land adjacent to the campus.

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Progress monitoring app launched for Apple Watch

Lexia Learning released the myLexia App for Apple Watch app, which is the educator interface for Lexia Reading Core5. It delivers real-time schoolwide, classroom and individual student skills data, norm-referenced performance measures and actionable lesson plans.

Why New Jersey should ditch the superintendent salary cap

Pretending that limiting school leaders' salaries will help fix New Jersey's financial woes is a dangerous game. In the end, it only serves to further harm the state's excellent public schools, which actually attract businesses, jobs and high-income families to the Garden State.

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Ohio Senate must hold the line on charter-school reform

The legislature must enact strong laws that safeguard good governance in the state's largest school-choice program. In addition to greater financial transparency by charter schools, the Senate needs to halt low-performing charters bouncing between sponsors and take away financial incentives by requiring that sponsors spend payments from funding solely on oversight.

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Hitachi introduces new LCD projectors

The CP-AX2505, CP-AX3505, CP-AW2505 and CP-AW3005 LCD projectors were debuted with an ultra-short-throw design that features an improved contrast ratio for more vivid and realistic image quality, improved lamp life and an ultra-short-throw design for small spaces.