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Overhauled New York City public school discipline code to cost $5 million

The money, which is included in the current city budget, will pay for training in conflict resolution for school staff and other aspects of the sweeping changes to student discipline procedures.

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'Grassroots' Florida school board association founded

Dissatisfied with the Florida School Board Association, Collier school board member Erika Donalds and three others launched a new school board group that supports school choice options, including charter school and local control of education issues.

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Oklahoma tribe launches student mentoring program

The Otoe-Missouria Tribe is partnering with Strive for College to sponsor a pilot program that helps tribal high school students gain access to college. Strive for College matches qualifying high school students with undergraduate students who virtually mentor them.

Staff training course addresses peer discriminatory harassment

PublicSchoolWORKS has released Discriminatory Harassment — Identification and Response, a new course that addresses eight types of peer harassment based on race, sex, color, national-origin, disability and religion.

The mental abuse of young athletes

Young athletes are scared to talk about mental abuse, and parents have no idea how to handle it. There are no official laws against it unless it's taken to an extreme. A coach will get fired for punching a player in the face, but nothing will happen when they subtly abuse their hard-working, trusting athletes for years.

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Education committee push 'No Child' overhaul forward

The House Education and the Workforce Committee have passed a bill to reauthorize the long-outdated No Child Left Behind Act. The bill would give states more flexibility in designing accountability systems and consolidate dozens of federal education programs.

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Missouri Senate to debate school transfer bill

The Missouri Senate is expected to debate proposed changes to the student transfer law this week. Four bills had been proposed that would take different approaches at changing the law that lets students in poor-performing schools transfer to better performing ones, at the expense of the sending school.

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Washington needs control over pay for K12 districts

Whatever lawmakers do to boost salaries, they need to make sure the state assumes full costs of compensation in the long term. Getting this done might be simpler if the state bargained directly over wages and health care with the state teachers’ unions and left non-pay issues for its local affiliates.

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Online training course focuses on discriminatory harassment

PublicSchoolWORKS has released a new online staff training course to address peer discriminatory harassment and the confidentiality, due-process rights and freedom of speech requirements for district administrators.

Troubled school districts need more than prizes

Most likely, Eli and Edythe Broad Foundation is just seeing what any close watcher of urban districts can see. It's clear to education experts that only a few traditional urban school districts favored with both strong leadership and resources can continue to improve pretty much on their own.

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