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Personalized professional development partnership announced

EDTRAININGCENTER has teamed up with observe4success to create a new kind of observation, feedback and professional development program for administrators, coaches, mentors and teachers.

Settlement reached to end racially discriminatory school discipline

A plan to eliminate racial disparities in school discipline was adopted by the Flagler County School Board resolving a federal civil rights complaint the Southern Poverty Law Center filed three years ago against the Florida district.

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Cost of school vouchers skyrockets in Indiana

The cost of Indiana’s private school voucher program jumped from $16 million to $40 million during the past school year, according to a new report released by the Department of Education.

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First class of Maine’s first virtual charter school graduates

Five students from around the state were the first ever to receive their high school diplomas from Maine Connections Academy. The school had 265 to 270 students in its first year, and next year it’s expected to have 396 students.

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New York education leaders pass new regulations

Struggling schools will learn in early July if they're in danger of having a state-approved receiver oversee their turnaround, according to regulations approved by the state Board of Regents. Rules for a new system for evaluating the state's teachers and principals were also passed.

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Columbus school board passes $1.26 billion budget

The $1.26 billion budget for the 2015-16 school year, approved by the Ohio district's board of education, is no longer a one-page document, a common feature of school district budgets in Ohio. In past years, under the now-rescinded hands-off form of management used by the board, the district’s budget was largely left up to the superintendent’s discretion.

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Many Pa. school districts to consider property tax hikes

For five years, there have been reductions in state and federal funding for schools while mandated costs have increased. Seventy percent of districts across the state plan to raise property taxes while 41 percent plan to reduce their staff, according to a new budget survey.

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Adobe unveils 2015 Creative Cloud release

The 2015 release of Adobe's flagship Adobe Creative Cloud tools and services includes major updates to Photoshop CC, Illustrator CC, Premiere Pro CC and InDesign CC as well as new connected mobile apps for iOS and Android.

We don't need lunch ladies with Glocks

Rhode Island's law allowing citizens with concealed carry permits to carry guns on school property is inconsistent with the state’s otherwise prudent school-safety regulations. Yet firearms are banned in government buildings. Should not our children, in their schools, be afforded the same protections?

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Common Core can help Latino students

Throughout the education process, parents deserve to have a true picture of how their children are performing and whether they are prepared for college. Where a family lives, how much money it makes or its race or ethnicity should not dictate the quality of education a child receives. The Common Core initiative raises expectations for all children, including those who are struggling.

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