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Lawmakers should support local control

The new Texas Legislature needs to take a long look at the real purpose of standardized testing. If the purpose of testing is to assess a student's mastery of the state's curriculum, then a change is required. The state needs to replace it with a compact, rigorous curriculum that will allow students the opportunity for enrichment or remediation.

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Mississippi House votes for school funding amendment alternative

House Republicans pushed through a proposal for alternate wording for a state constitutional referendum on school funding, as supporters of the original language protested that the effort aimed to sabotage the November vote.

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North Carolina school superintendents roll out education agenda

The state’s school superintendents released a set of education goals on the eve of the start of the legislative session. Among the goals is increasing education funding from 48th in the nation to 25th by 2025.

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Charter school bill expected in Alabama Legislature

Republicans will try again in the coming legislative session to bring charter schools to the state of Alabama on a limited basis. The legislation has not been finalized, though it is anticipated that the number of Alabama charters will be limited to as few as 10 schools, at least in its first year.

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Audit: New York education department mishandled violence reporting

The state Education Department has agreed to improve its enforcement of school safety after a state audit found that seven schools in New York failed to report cases of violence, sexual offenses and bullying.

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Connecticut district expands use of myON

Bridgeport Public Schools expanded its partnership with myON to strengthen Connecticut district's literacy program to its 37 schools serving over 21,000 students.

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Do teacher prep programs lack rigor?

A National Council on Teacher Quality report citing a lack of rigor and grade inflation in teacher preparation courses is being disputed by the organization that represents college and university education programs.

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Districts campaign to compete in era of school choice

The era of school choice and open enrollment has driven many district leaders to create innovative programs and to more aggressively publicize their offerings to compete with charters and private schools that have drawn away families and funding.

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Inside the science of learning

In his book How We Learn: The Surprising Truth About When, Where, and Why It Happens, New York Times science reporter Benedict Carey examines well-worn advice about learning, only to find much of it misguided or outdated. Instead, recent research shows that sometimes contradictory study techniques may actually lead to greater success in the classroom.

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Psychological stress on schools

In many schools, psychologists have time for little more than assessing students. That prevents them from using their range of skills in counseling, data analysis and preventing bullying, suicide and violence.