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Nebraska high schools may soon allow transgender athletes

The governing body for Nebraska high school sports, after dropping the issue for two years, is moving forward with drafting a policy that governs participation by transgender athletes.

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Bicycle technology programs gain speed in high schools

At some high schools, teens are learning the ins and outs of one very affordable mode of transportation: bicycles. The programs, in which teens learn how to fix and maintain bikes, as well as explore career opportunities in the cycling industry, have popped up at schools nationwide.

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Illinois schools back governor's plan to undo school mandates

Illinois school districts have a new ally in Gov. Bruce Rauner as they try to eliminate state mandates that they say drive up costs and sometimes force them to lay off reading instructors to hire physical education teachers.

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Orlando downtown schools face wave of change

A sweeping overhaul of Orlando downtown schools is all but final, but the unveiling Monday of proposed attendance zones for thousands of students is already triggering angst and surprise for parents.

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Arizona shorting schools millions for special education

Arizona is shorting its school districts and charter schools an estimated $381 million a year in underfunded mandates for students with special needs. And it’s the students who don’t need special assistance who are paying the price.

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Firing teachers vs. fixing schools

How’s this for good management? The boss of a struggling business — after nearly two-thirds of his staff have already walked out the door — responds by threatening to get rid of the remaining workers.

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More minority students, fewer teachers of color

Despite the fact that more students of color will be filling classrooms at increasing increments every school year, it’s a well reported fact that almost 80 percent of their teachers are white—and it doesn’t appear that that will change any time soon.

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Partnership enhances collaborative technology for classrooms

Touchjet, a company that creates interactive touch technology, is partnering with MightyMeeting, a company that designs apps to bring collaboration to any presentation in the classroom or boardroom. With the combination, a presenter can turn one-way presentations into interactive experiences.

New Jersey district upgrades student registration

Pennsville Township School District launched an online solution that simplifies student registration. InfoSnap’s integration with PowerSchool, Pennsville’s student information system, generates real-time, on-demand data transfer between the two systems.

TRUE Fitness expanding its cardio product line

The latest line of equipment – the HIT Series (High Intensity Training) – will contain equipment that will provide users with an extremely intense workout session. The Traverse helps users sculpt their cores and lower bodies while the Spectrum combines three separate machines into an all-in-one piece of cardio equipment.