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Substitute teacher shortage puts strain on Ann Arbor-area schools

Across the country, school officials say the improving job market has exacerbated the substitute teacher shortage, as people who might have taken substitute positions can now find full-time jobs.

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New version of learning platform designed by McGraw-Hill Education

McGraw-Hill Education released an updated tablet-friendly interface for ALEKS (Assessment and LEarning in Knowledge Spaces), an adaptive learning system that provides an individualized learning experience for K20 students based on their unique strengths and weaknesses.

N.C. schools now required to have trainer responder at football games

North Carolina schools will have to improve the quality of emergency help on hand when students suffer sports injuries, the State Board of Education determined Thursday.

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Rural Midwest schools struggle to pay for transportation

Superintendents in the rural Midwest say that bringing children to school costs far more than state transportation aid and siphons money that could go to classroom instruction. With some facing declining enrollment, it’s even tougher to cover the expense.

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Compton sued by district over marijuana dispensaries near its schools

Saying the city of Compton has failed to enforce its own marijuana laws, Compton school officials have sued the city for allegedly allowing pot dispensaries to set up shop near schools.

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Unconventional Houston high schools offer unique learning options

Many high schools in the Houston area are offering alternative, vocational programs for high school students in order to help prepare young adults for the next step in their education or their career.

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Denver schools take lead in hiring DREAMer teachers

Young immigrants who settled in the United States illegally as children are increasingly becoming teachers through a pilot program that recruits them to teach disadvantaged students.

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San Marcos USD granted $4.1 million for energy efficiency upgrades

Schneider Electric announced that the California Energy Commission has awarded a $4.1 million grant to the California school district to implement energy efficiency and renewable energy projects including heating, ventilation, HVAC replacements, energy management system optimization, LED lighting and photovoltaic systems.

Expanded prayer time in schools is not an infringement

New legislation would expand the Silent Reflection and Student Prayer Act, which requires schools to provide a moment of silence. That 2007 act has been upheld in the courts because what the student reflects upon is the individual student’s choice. We need to strike a balance between religious neutrality and a student’s right to exercise their religion.

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Not just one solution for schools

Vouchers, charter schools, new learning standards, new assessments or other reforms foisted upon school systems are not the solution. We should know by now that there is no singular solution but rather a matrix of solutions.

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