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Saginaw School Board hires new superintendent

Members from the Michigan district voted to hire Nathaniel McClain as the new superintendent. He’s a former principal at Arthur Hill high school and is currently the assistant superintendent.

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David Young named lone finalist for Abilene ISD superintendent

The Texas district has named the Pampa ISD superintendent as its only finalist. David Young previously served as Midway ISD's assistant superintendent for curriculum and instruction.

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Ousted Selma USD superintendent to lead another California district

Mark Sutton, who was dismissed as Selma USD superintendent earlier this year, is now superintendent at Central USD. He replaces superintendent Mike Berg, who is retiring after spending about a decade in administration.

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R.I. education’s biggest battle is playing out at one school

Three districts are embroiled in a court battle over the opening of a new charter school in Woonsocket in what is shaping up to become a major flashpoint in the state’s ongoing battle over education reform.

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N.Y. school boards say zero growth tax cap could squeeze budgets

While the latest provisions of an ongoing tax cap won’t take effect until the 2016 school year, the state schools boards association says schools are starting to worry now. The state’s tax cap limits increases in property taxes to 2 percent or the rise in inflation, whichever is lower.

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New school study shows racial differences in discipline treatment

Underprivileged schools with higher levels of black students were more likely to use criminalized discipline, such as suspension, expulsion, or referral to law enforcement. With white students, it was more likely that schools searched for solutions through medical attention or psychological intervention, according to data from 60,000 schools in 6,000 schools districts.

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Maryland increases high school drop-out age to 17

The new Age of Compulsory School Attendance law, which was signed into law in 2012, has now raised the compulsory school attendance age to 17. In 2017, the age will be raised again, to 18.

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One course required for extracurricular participation, S.D. district school board says

The Pierre School District's board passed an amendment requiring home and private-school students to take at least one course through the school district to participate in an extracurricular activity.

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Boston public schools working to upgrade the cafeteria

Hot dogs and fruit juice would disappear from Boston school menus this fall, and chicken breasts and fish would often replace chicken nuggets under proposals by the School Department and a community advisory council to provide students with healthier dining options.

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Kentucky Department of Education adopts custom grants management system

The eGrants system automates the entire grant life cycle for state and local education agencies, including improvement planning, allocation of funds, application entry, budgeting, approval, payments and various reporting functions for education grants.