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JASON curricula enahnces with Virtual Connections through Nepris

A new partnership between Nepris and JASON Learning will enable K12 students taking part in the JASON Learning STEM curricula to virtually connect with science experts and bring them into their classrooms through online interactive sessions.

More high school graduates decide against going to college

As the U.S. economy improves, more high school graduates are choosing work over college, according to data released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The drop in college attendance among recent graduates appears concentrated among groups most likely to be deciding between going to school and joining the improving job market.

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Change in New York law might encourage school mergers

A New York State Association of School Business Officials report shows that since 2010, about 30 school districts have studied merging but failed to complete the process for a variety of reasons. Gov. Andrew Cuomo has offered incentives to encourage districts and local governments to merge or share services to become more efficient.

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Pennsylvania voters favor using a school funding formula

A statewide poll showed public support for using a formula to distribute state school funding. Education advocates say that a proposed commission to examine the issue is a critical first step. State funding for education is currently distributed with factors, weights and targets changing on an annual basis.

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New Jersey district sued over "under God" in pledge

A family is suing a New Jersey district and its superintendent, seeking to have the phrase "under God" removed from the Pledge of Allegiance. The lawsuit, filed by the undisclosed family and the American Humanist Association, claims that the practice of acknowledging God discriminates against atheists, in violation of the state's constitution.

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U.S. News reveals 2014 Best High Schools rankings

U.S. News released its 2014 Best High Schools rankings, analyzing more than 31,200 public high schools in all 50 states and the District of Columbia. Dallas-based School for the Talented and Gifted claimed the title of the No. 1 public high school in the country for the third consecutive year.

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Pay increase could help attract South Carolina bus drivers

The state already struggles to graduate some of its students, particularly in poor, rural areas that also have the greatest transportation needs. That situation should not be compounded by a lack of school bus drivers. South Carolina also needs to take into account the age of its state-run school bus fleet.

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Ohio district to undertake $100 million demolition and construction project

The Lakewood city district this summer will start preparing three elementary schools and part of the high school to be rebuilt. The construction project will be the largest in the district's history. The funding will come from a passed bond issue and the Ohio Facilities Construction Commission.

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Education funding debate brings up issues of rural versus urban funding

Once the Alaska Legislature has increased the per-student state allocation, the next step is to look again at the quality of rural school education. We need to find ways to permanently improve the disparity between rural and urban schools.

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"Free" cloud services erode student privacy

The rush to get student data into the cloud has not been accompanied by careful attention to student privacy. Any legislative fix should set rules for how student data is transmitted, stored and secured.

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