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Private and charter school students excluded from Minneapolis public school teams

Minnesota allows private, parochial and charter school students in schools without their particular sport to try out for public high school sports in the cities where they live. But the Minneapolis Public School District abruptly ended that arrangement this fall.

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Consolidation is officially on the table for Kansas schools

What comes next for schools and money in Kansas? As a school efficiency task force meets this week to make decisions about schools and money in Kansas, several groups are wondering if consolidation will play a key role.

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School bus cameras go dark in some north Texas cities

Cameras mounted on school buses are intended to keep kids safe by catching drivers who break the law. Many north Texas buses are equipped with them, yet some cities aren’t using them because it’s illegal.

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31 South Dakota districts started school with open teaching positions

Schools are losing teachers and many are blaming low pay, according to the School Administrators of South Dakota, which released results from a survey of 136 South Dakota school districts. Most responding districts reported using stop-gap measures for getting a teacher in each classroom, including shuffling staff, hiring substitutes and using student teachers.

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Portland board wants less of $16+ million windfall dedicated to savings

Before Oregon's Portland School Board members vote upon how to spend $16.8 million in newly discovered money, they want to see spending alternatives besides placing the money in reserves and hiring more teachers. better-than-expected property tax revenues and lower-than-expected health care and benefits expenses have created the windfall, which wasn’t factored into the school year's budget.

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L.A. schools police to relinquish some weapons

LAUSD school police will relinquish some of the military weaponry it acquired through a federal program that furnishes local law enforcement with surplus equipment. The move comes as education and civil rights groups have called on the U.S. Department of Defense to halt the practice for schools. The district will return grenade launchers but intends to keep rifles and an armored vehicle.

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The White House and Discovery Education expand virtual field trip series

The White House and Discovery Education are expanding the "Of the People: Live from the White House” virtual field trip series. Offering upper elementary, middle and high school students access to White House and government officials as well as subject matter experts, Of the People will bring a series of 30-minute virtual events hosted by a student and broadcast live.

Frontline Technologies launches new teacher marketplace

Frontline Technologies debuted Teachwise, a new website for teachers. Teachwise provides an online marketplace for teachers to buy and sell original educational materials.

iboss streamlines secure use of Apple devices

iboss Network Security announced its MobileEther solution supports single-step device enrollment of Apple devices in the cloud through the Apple Device Enrollment Program (DEP). Integration with Apple DEP eliminates the need to physically touch the device, as the program is managed in the cloud.

Calif. district to open school-based health center for students

School officials broke ground for a new school-based health center for students, set to open in 2015. It will provide free medical, mental and dental health care to high school students with money to run the clinic coming from grants, school district bonds and a loan from the city of San Leandro.

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