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Six percent of Connecticut districts get an F in new report cards

Out of the 944 Connecticut public schools graded by the Connecticut Coalition for Achievement Now, 63 schools across the state have received failing grades in a new report card project issued by the organization.

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Lawsuit filed against Florida's voucher program

The state's largest school-voucher program, Tax-Credit Scholarship Program, is unconstitutional because it redirects taxpayer money to religious schools and creates a separate system of state-funded schools, according to a lawsuit filed by the teachers union and others.

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Education department rebukes Oklahoma for dropping Common Core

The U.S. Department of Education stripped Oklahoma of the authority to decide how to spend $29 million in education funding because the state abandoned Common Core standards. According to the administration, the No Child Left Behind Act-related sanctions are being imposed because the state could no longer demonstrate that its school standards were preparing students for college and careers.

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Survey finds widespread salad bar use

In a report called “State of School Nutrition 2014,” the School Nutrition Association reported that 63 percent of school districts report offering salad or produce bars, while 69 percent offer pre-packaged salads. The survey also found that 52 percent of districts surveyed serve locally sourced fruits and vegetables.

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A school isn't about teaching subjects, it's about teaching children

Schools offer an education that is too precious to be surrendered to those with no understanding of learning's ultimate meaning and value. They believe that its efficacy can somehow be measured in numbers. A school is not about teaching subjects for testing, but about teaching children subjects.

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NAACP, parents criticize Calif. district for allowing school police to carry rifles

Compton Unified School District board passed a policy in July allowing school police officers to carry AR-15 rifles. NAACP members and parents called the action excessive and unnecessary and demanded the school board rescind the policy at least until parents had voiced their concerns.

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School discipline disparities investigated by Georgia state committee

A Georgia Senate committee began looking into how children are punished and expelled from school. They're also looking at whether race plays a part in school discipline issues, prompted by criticism that the disparities in discipline across the state are harmful to certain groups.

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Lee County makes history, opts out of state-mandated tests

The Florida county made history when they voted to become the first school district in Florida to opt out of all statewide, standardized tests.

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Judge declares public school financing system unconstitutional

A Texas state district judge has ruled that the state’s funding of public schools is unconstitutional. The decision found that the Texas school finance system in effect imposed a state property tax in violation of the Texas Constitution since districts do not control local property taxes.

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Minnesota district adds Performance Matters' online assessment platform

West St. Paul-Mendota Heights-Eagan Area Schools (District 197) will be the first in Minnesota to implement the UNIFY assessment platform, part of the Performance Matters assessment and data management system. To begin, teachers in grades six through nine will use UNIFY to collaboratively develop and administer online assessments in mathematics.