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Detroit schools plan 10 percent pay cuts, closings

Teachers and administrators at Detroit Public Schools will see their pay slashed by 10 percent in the fall if state education officials approve the district’s proposal for offsetting a failed countywide tax millage. The plan also calls for the closure of 24 schools or buildings over four years.

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N.J. bill to expedite privately run, public schools gets go ahead

Senate President Stephen Sweeney says he will accept Gov. Christie's changes to a bill intended to expedite development of privately run, public Renaissance schools in Camden. The governor vetoed a provision that would have allowed the Camden school board to provide pension sweeteners as early-retirement incentives to some district employees.

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Oregon senator wants $200 million for school seismic upgrades

Sen. Peter Courtney announced a 2015 plan for the legislature to spend $200 million on seismic upgrades to schools. The proposal would use general fund bonds that the Legislature would disperse as grants to public school districts across Oregon. Schools with the highest risk of collapse would be prioritized.

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North Carolina judge to rule on school voucher program

A Wake County judge will rule this week on whether it's constitutional for tax money to be used to pay for tuition at private or religious schools. Taxpayer and teachers groups, as well as many of the state's 115 school boards, are challenging whether the state can spend public money on K12 tuition at private or religious schools.

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Judge blocks Louisiana governor's move to scrap Common Core tests

In a blow to Gov. Bobby Jindal's move to withdraw his state from Common Core education standards, a state judge blocked Jindal's plan to drop a key set of standardized tests due to be introduced in the coming school year.

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Role of West Virginia school principals could change

The West Virginia Board of Education is looking to redesign the role of school principals. A report compiled by ICF International recommends new professional expanded standards that are recognized across the country, the establishment of a Professional Standards Board and creating advanced specializations for principals, among other suggestions.

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Los Angeles district to decriminalize minor offenses

The Los Angeles Unified School District announced a major change in the way students are disciplined for some offenses. School police will no longer issue citations for most campus fights, petty theft and other minor offenses, but instead refer students to counseling and other services.

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San Francisco teachers miss more school than students on average

While absenteeism is usually considered a student matter, in San Francisco - and many other districts - the average teacher misses more school than the average child. If last year's numbers hold steady, the 4,100 teachers in the city, on average, will each be absent about 11 times this school year, four to five days more than a typical student.

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itslearning adds enhanced features

itslearning's K-12 digital learning platform has added enhanced access and visibility enhancements for teachers, students and parents, better access to content and collaboration and insights to student workload and physical resources availability.

Albuquerque Superintendent Winston Brooks resigns

The Albuquerque Public Schools board voted to accept the resignation of embattled Superintendent Winston Brooks. Chief Operating Officer Ruben Hendrickson was named as acting superintendent, pending a decision to name an interim superintendent.

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