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Propane buses new mode of transportation for Boston Public Schools

The Massachusetts city will operate 11 percent of its bus fleet with Blue Bird propane autogas buses, starting with the 2015-16 school year. The school district is purchasing 86 Blue Bird Propane Vision school buses, and hopes to convert more of their diesel fleet to propane buses in the future.

Colorado charter school association and NWEA partner

Northwest Evaluation Association and the Colorado League of Charter Schools signed a new strategic partnership to provide resources including the MAP assessment, MAP for Primary Grades, Children’s Progress Academic Assessment, MAP Science Assessments and Virtual Comparison Group data at discounted rates to the league's members.

Suicide among elementary-aged black children is on the rise

Since the 1990s, suicide rates among elementary-age black children have nearly doubled, while suicide rates among white children have fallen, according to a new study published in the journal JAMA Pediatrics.

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Allen ISD’s $302 million bond wish list includes new schools

Major items in the Texas district's proposal include a new elementary school, a science and technology center for Allen High School, and a new building to replace the facility housing the freshman campus.

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American schools increased safety measures, survey says

U.S. public schools beefed up security measures with safety drills and parent notification systems in the years surrounding the massacre at Connecticut's Sandy Hook Elementary School, according to a new government survey.

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Connecticut school's students learning ‘green’ construction techniques

Going greener is the focus at Waterbury’s Kaynor Tech, where students are building another “e-house”. The project is part of the nation’s first “green” construction learning laboratories for high school students. The kids are focusing on a clean energy curriculum, learning all about the latest technologies in the field.

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Students drive own learning with input on WIN Learning’s career exploration mobile app

Students in Kentucky are plotting their career paths and finding the grants, scholarships and other funds to pursue their paths as part of the kid-FRIENDLy initiative, a program funded in 2012 by the largest Race To The Top-District grant awarded.

Getting AP college credit in high school might get easier

To standardize the criteria that colleges use for granting credit for AP tests, lawmakers are considering passing a law to require public universities and colleges in Illinois to give course credit for scores of 3 or better.

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Low birth rates among factors influencing Michigan school enrollment

Michigan's student population has been gradually shrinking for years. The state has 1,550,802 students this school year, down more than 51,000 from five years ago and down 13,312 from 2013-14. There are major financial consequences to losing students, since Michigan's education funding is primarily based on how many students are enrolled in a district.

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Concussion lawsuits rankle school groups

A former high school student is suing the Illinois High School Association over its head-injury policies, making it the first state association that could face class-action scrutiny and the latest football governing body to be sued over concussions.

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