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Georgia releases new school 'growth' data

New school data released this week is intended to give the public a new look at how Georgia schools are performing. Designed to show how much students at each school learn in a year, regardless of whether they passed state tests, it’s part of a shift away from grading schools almost entirely on pass/fail rates on tests.

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Pennsylvania court ruling clears way for charter schools to expand

A Commonwealth Court ruling could pave the way for charter schools outside Philadelphia to expand their operations and take on more students. Current state law allows charter schools in Philadelphia to operate at multiple locations, but it limits all other charter schools to single locations.

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N.H. superintendent chosen to lead Connecticut district

The Sterling Board of Education chose Brenda Needham as its new superintendent. Needham is currently the superintendent at the Rivendell Interstate School District in New Hampshire.

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California county names new superintendent

The Santa Clara County Board of Education appointed Jon R. Gundry as the new county superintendent of schools. The sole finalist for the position, Gundry currently serves as superintendent of the Pasadena USD.

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Judge rejects North Carolina parents’ latest move to stop redistricting

A judge rejected the latest effort by Union County parents to stop the school district’s controversial redistricting plan. The redistricting was designed to ease overcrowding by sending several thousand students to less-crowded schools. Much of the overcrowding is in the fast-growing western portion of the county.

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Judges rule against letting public see teachers' performance in Los Angeles

The public has no right to know the names of Los Angeles Unified School District teachers in connection with their job performance ratings, according to a court ruling.The panel accepted the district's contention that releasing the names would lead to resentment and jealousy among teachers, spur "unhealthy" comparisons among staff, and interfere with teacher recruitment.

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Texas delays rollout of new teacher evaluations

Texas will take an additional year to pilot a controversial new state teacher evaluation system. The new policy — which for the first time ties teacher assessments to student performance on standardized tests — is also the first update to teacher evaluations the state has made in 17 years.

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CTL launches the 2go PC NL5 Rugged 2-in-1 Windows Tablet

CTL announced their new CTL 2go PC NL5 Rugged 2-in-1 Windows Tablet. Based on an Intel reference design, the 2go PC NL5 is a Windows 8.1 tablet offering laptop capabilities with the option of a snap-on keyboard.

This is why Nevada might be the worst state for education

In its report, the Annie E. Casey Foundation ranked all 50 states in terms of educational achievement based on how many of the states' students are enrolled in preschool, how many students are proficient in reading and math, and the states' high school graduation rates. Nevada and New Mexico received the lowest rankings; Massachusetts and New Jersey held the top two spots.

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Renaissance needed in state education model

It is important to honor the progress Texas students and schools have made. This progress has made a real difference for Texas families and our economy. The problem is that we're not improving fast enough to meet the needs of an increasingly technical workplace.

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