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Fairfax County plans expansions for more than $800 million

The Virginia county's school board approved a $856 million capital improvement program to set priority on the projects the school system wants done in the next five years. Five new school buildings and renovations for several existing ones may be approved by 2020.

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Virginia county approves $40 million construction plan

As part of a $40.7 million construction package, the Augusta County Board of Supervisors authorized the building of two elementary schools and an expansion for a middle school.

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New curriculum products prepare students with special needs

Mayer-Johnson, a Tobii Dynavox company, introduced Boardmaker Instructional Solutions, three curricular programs designed to offer research-based instruction for students with special needs.

myON adds National Geographic Kids content to digital platform

Thirty titles from National Geographic Kids have been added to myON's online, personalized literacy environment, including Spies of the Mississippi and How to Get Rich on a Texas Cattle Drive.

School Specialty phonics program optimized for mobile devices

EPS Literacy and Intervention's Explode The Code phonics program, a multisensory program geared toward improving literacy, is now optimized for iPad and Android devices.

Pearson releases tablet-based interactive assessment

TELL (Test of English Language Learning) leverages an automated scoring technologies to give teachers quick access to the information they need to inform instruction, while providing district leaders with the data they need to meet state and federal reporting requirements.

Governor holding school aid proposals back, allege education groups

New York's leading school groups said Gov. Andrew Cuomo is making it impossible for districts to develop their budgets for the fiscal year that starts July 1 because the state has refused to release aid projections.

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Public school aid in next Wisconsin budget to remain unchanged

Gov. Scott Walker said that school funding would remain "largely intact" in the state budget he introduces next week and that he would provide additional aid for schools in sparsely populated areas and regions with high busing costs.

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Minnesota has critical need for school counselors

Minnesota’s public schools have fewer counselors per student than all but two other states. A state senator is working on a bill that would have the state pay for half the cost of additional counselors when school districts pay for the other half.

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Dallas students offered dinner in after school program

For the 8,000 Dallas ISD students in the district's after school program, a full, balanced meal to end the school day is part of the district’s expanded After School Meal Program.

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