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Kentucky Department of Education adopts custom grants management system

The eGrants system automates the entire grant life cycle for state and local education agencies, including improvement planning, allocation of funds, application entry, budgeting, approval, payments and various reporting functions for education grants.

New program for students to view class performance debuted

WebAssign released its latest analytics feature for students, My Class Insights. It gives students an overview of concepts they have learned and topics they are struggling with based on data from students' first attempt on a problem.

Rand McNally launches new digital edition classroom atlas

Students can flip through Classroom Atlas in its digital format, tap images and content to highlight and add notes to reference later.

A win for educational opportunity in North Carolina

The North Carolina Supreme Court held true to the principle of "liberty and justice for all" by upholding the Opportunity Scholarship Program. This monumental decision liberates thousands of low-income children from being trapped in an inferior educational model.

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School buildings in N.J. must be repurposed to keep up with technology

New Jersey's commercial real estate has been dramatically impacted by recent technological advances, to the point that many office buildings have been closed or demolished. Now – given the proliferation of online education and mobile communications – could the same be in store for our public schools?

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Broad scale changes to public education not easy

In the debate over testing in schools, under attack from both left and right of the political spectrum these days, the underlying question is too often missed: How do taxpayers, who fund the public schools, know the quality of the product?

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Group seeks to have new sales tax chucked in Alabama district

A group of elected Jefferson County officials are asking a judge to strike down as unconstitutional a new 1-cent county sales tax that replaces one that had exclusively gone towards paying off the county's $1 billion school construction program.

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Georgia Senate panel to study tax for schools and school construction

A study committee set up by the state Senate is looking hard at how education local option sales tax funds are being used and how schools are being built.

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Report: LA voters better start learning how construction bonds work

A new report says voters should be more skeptical and engaged when it comes to construction bonds, arguing that California needs to slow down and rethink how it repays for them. Construction bonds in the state are creating massive amounts of debt that will take generations to pay off and are sometimes unnecessary.

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Florida’s virtual school options boom

The state has embraced online learning in a big way with the largest virtual school system in the country. Upward of 200,000 students take at least one online course, a surge driven by the 2011 Florida Digital Learning Act requiring at least one online course to graduate.

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